2000 from 2007 Find Utility

This utility identifies drawings that were edited in AutoCAD® 2007 and subsequently saved to AutoCAD 2000 or AutoCAD Release 14 drawing formats.

Description of Problem

This utility is intended to be used in conjunction with the Cut and Paste hotfix. Install the cut and paste hotfix first. Once the hotfix is installed, drawings that are subsequently saved in AutoCAD 2000 and AutoCAD Release 14 formats will work as expected. However, drawings that were previously saved in these formats from AutoCAD 2007 will continue to have the problem unless they are resaved with the hotfix applied. This utility will help you locate those files so that you can resave them. If you have a large number of drawings that need to be resaved, DWG TrueConvert is a free utility that will make the job easier. Make sure you apply the hotfix to DWG TrueConvert before resaving the drawings.

  1. This utility reports all DWG files saved from AutoCAD 2007 in the AutoCAD 2000 and AutoCAD Release 14 file formats. This utility will not distinguish between files saved before and after installing the Cut and Paste hotfix for AutoCAD 2007.
  2. AutoCAD 2000, 2000i and 2002 all default to the AutoCAD 2000 file format.

Affected Products

(1) Only if the installation includes AutoCAD Mechanical 2007 or Autodesk Mechanical Desktop 2007.
(2) Only if the installation includes AutoCAD 2007.


To Install and Run the 2000 from 2007 Find Utility:

  1. Copy Find_2000_from_2007.exe to your local drive.
  2. Click Start > Run, and enter “cmd” in the Run dialog to open a Command Prompt window. Click OK.

    Note: The 2000 from 2007 Find Utility can only be run from a Command Prompt window.
  3. Change directory to the folder where the 2000 from 2007 Find Utility was placed (during step 1).
  4. Enter the following at the command prompt:

    Find_2000_from_2007 [folder] [-s] [-h] [-?] [-14] [-2000] [logfile_name]


  1. All of the above arguments are optional except for Folder.
  2. If no -14 or -2000 arguments are specified, the utility will default to -2000.
  3. Arguments -14 and -2000 cannot be used at the same time.

To run the Find 2000 from 2007 utility from a location other than the folder where it resides, do one of the following:

  1. Append the name of the folder where Find 2000 from 2007 utility resides to the Windows Path environment variable, after which Find_2000_from_2007.exe can be run from any folder.


  2. Preface the Find_2000_from_2007 command with the path of the install folder, for example;

    C:\<your folder>\Find_2000_from_2007

Usage Sample 1:

Find_2000_from_2007 g:\Zones\Project\Drawings

All drawings found in the g:\Zones\Project\Drawings folder are checked and a list of drawings saved in the AutoCAD 2000 file format from AutoCAD 2007 are displayed in the Command Prompt window.

Usage Sample 2:

Find_2000_from_2007 g:\Zones\Project\Drawings –s -14 results.txt

Checks all the drawings in the g:\Zones\Project\Drawings folder and its subfolders. The names of all drawings saved from AutoCAD 2007 in the AutoCAD Release 14 file format are written to a logfile named results.txt.