Autodesk Binding Hotfix Utility

This update corrects a problem that requires you to reactivate your Autodesk® product whenever you restart it.

Description of Problem

After you activate and then restart your product, you receive error 0.1.0011 or 11.1.6011 and are required to reactivate.

This problem can occur for Autodesk's 2006-based products on computers with SATA Raid controllers.

Note: This update must be applied to all computers that share a license. Therefore, if you apply this update to one computer and then want to use the Portable License Utility to transfer the license to another computer, be sure to install the update on that computer, too.

If this update is applied to a computer that does not have a SATA Raid controller, the license on that computer will be broken. You will need to reactivate the product to repair the license.

Affected Products

Installation Instructions

To install the Autodesk Binding Hotfix utility

  1. Close all applications and log in as Administrator.
  2. Download the AdskBindHotfix.exe file to a location on your local computer.
  3. On your local computer, find and double-click the AdskBindHotfix.exe file that you downloaded.

    A message will indicate when your product(s) have been successfully updated.