SOFTIMAGE 2014 Service Pack 1

Thank you for downloading Autodesk® Softimage 2014 Service Pack 1.

This readme provides the latest information regarding the Softimage installation. It is recommended that you read this entire document before you install Softimage 2014 SP1. For reference, you can save this document to your hard drive or print a copy.

Softimage 2014 SP1 is a full product installation and can co-exist with an earlier version of Softimage. An earlier version of Softimage is not required to be uninstalled first.


Softimage 2014 SP1 is supported on the following Operating Systems:

Softimage 2014 SP1 does not support Windows®XP and 32bit Operating Systems.

If you are installing on Windows 8, Softimage Installer requires .NET 2.0, 3.0 and 3.5 installed. Please refer to SOFT-7739.

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Following is a list of fixed bugs in Softimage 2014 SP1:

Defect ID Description

SOFT-7469 Animation Layer: Collapse layer will generate tangent broken keys
SOFT-8561 QFE (ACME-1425) | DisplayInfo doesn't allow keying on exclusive action clip animated parameters
SOFT-8570 QFE (ACME-943) | Expression on a parameter driven by override reacts unexpectedly
SOFT-8587 QFE (ACME-1169) | Proxy parameters keys not showing up on the timeline
SOFT-8663 QFE (ACME-1410) | Performance issue when adding many cache clips into a mixer - Iteration 1
SOFT-8666 QFE (ACME-1605) | Deleting the first key of a constant FCurve doesn't update the FCurve correctly
SOFT-8674 QFE (ACME-1776) | Performance issue when adding many cache clips into a mixer - Iteration 2


SOFT-4739 Export fbx a Crowd Simulation then Import in Maya and the ICE textures and materials will be missing.
SOFT-8751 QFE (ACME-1515) | FBX | Issue with Camera Focal Length animated parameter

Camera Sequencer
SOFT-8542 CamSeq: FOV is not plotted correctly when Projection Plane is not enabled
SOFT-8547 CamSeq Plot: Expression is not correctly evaluated
SOFT-8559 CamSeq: Plot All crashes XSI with Animated Material In Scene
SOFT-8701 Select child and select parent hotkeys replaced Softimage keymap

Data Management
[CER]: Crash undoing delete null With Bone Effector constrained to it


SOFT-8283 Softimage crashes when using the animation editor and 3rd party renderer
SOFT-8596 QFE (ACME-1916) | Creating an Annotation property sometimes returns errors but works
SOFT-8636 QFE (ACME-1809) | Audio scrubbing off by one frame when then "Play Frame Entered When Scrubbing" preference is enabled
SOFT-8774 QFE (ACME-2235) | Frame rate issue in playback mode when having many materials
SOFT-8948 Unhide All Polygons deselects currently selected polygons


SOFT-8517 Implement extra protection to avoid XSI crashing in case of corrupted CustomOp
SOFT-8651 QFE (ACME-1714) ICE | Specific crash when closing a scene having many Set Data nodes
SOFT-8693 QFE (ACME-1680) ICE | Crash during simulation
SOFT-8943 ICE -application crash without any notification involving arrays

ICE Crowds

SOFT-6246 Motion Blur issues with CrowdFX
SOFT-8423 Export Crowd as FBX does not transfer UV's to FBX file 
Inspect Init. Animations menu is not working


SOFT-8728 Selection bug in 2013 / 2014
SOFT-8961 Crash while freezing specific objects


SOFT-8396 Override color in Render Tree
SOFT-8648 QFE (ACME-1928) | The Reorder Tool doesn't affect the OpenGL Draw Ordering right away


SOFT-8569 QFE (ACME-841) | SDK | Fetching the last key value of a cycle curve always returns the first key value
SOFT-8593 QFE (ACME-1749) | Expressions using the at_frame function don't work as expected
SOFT-8645 Rendering SDK: WantDirtyList default value is wrong
SOFT-8773 QFE (ACME-1887) | Custom Renderer | Too many objects are being dirtied when modifying a light
SOFT-8880 [CER] GridData.SetCell with a non-array object will crash Softimage


SOFT-7985 QFE (ACME-1409) | MeshMerge operator result is unpredictable with multi texture projections


SOFT-8220 JPN: WIN: Bounding box and Texture Decal display mode

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Installing on Windows
1. Matchmover 2014 is unable to start with the MSSA Network deployment installations.

For W7 x64 - Change the MSSA licensing options in the License.env to "Standalone"
For W8 x64 - Change the MSSA licensing options in the License.env to "Standalone". In addition, it requires the following Windows environment variable to be added to the local user account or machine.
"adsk_matchmover_license" = Softimage

2. Modifying the License.env File Using Windows Command Prompt

The License.env file is available in the C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Softimage 2014\Application\bin folder.
Modifying the values in this file using the Windows command prompt is not supported, since the changes will not be registered. For example, switching from Standalone to Network license and vice-versa.
If you want to modify, then provide edit permissions to the License.env file.

Note: Use the Autodesk Softimage User Tools or the Notepad application to modify the License.env file values.

Installing on Linux
Executing the Softimage 2014 Linux installer will install Softimage and other components such as ADLM, Composite, and Matchmover.
Folder locations
* ADLM – /opt
* Composite and Matchmover – /usr/autodesk
Note: You cannot deselect the Composite and Matchmover components from the installer UI.

Running Composite on Linux
In order to run Composite from a Softimage installation you must use a Softimage sourced shell to properly license and start the application.

Notice for FEDORA 14 Users:
Softimage uses a modified x11 patch for Mainwin compatibility in this distribution. On certain distributions and configurations this may cause problems when trying to launch Composite.

If you encounter the following message:
error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Add to the following file "/usr/autodesk/Composite_2014/bin/composite"

'setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH /usr/lib64'

Just before $envScript is sourced in the file. (Line 31)

This reverts the change from Softimage and sets the LD_LIBRAY_PATH back to /usr/lib64 so composite to find the appropriate .so

SOFT-7107 [Linux] Material is incorrect for CrowdFX

W8: Softimage Installer requires .Net 2.0 and 3.0 to be installed prior to .Net 3.5

Workaround for SOFT-7739
Search for 0x800f0906 issues or Click on Microsoft msdn site link here.

W8: Unable to write application > bin > License.env folder via User Tools

Workaround for SOFT-8085
Right-click UserTools and Select Run As Administrator.

SOFT-7604 [LINUX]: GridData SDK C++ example hangs XSI when siColumnFile cells are double-clicked on
SOFT-8167 CamSeq | SDK: PlotSequencerCamera Redo Results in Missing Animation

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