DL19358812 - Autodesk Vault 2011 - Web Client File Resolution Update

In a continuing effort to provide high quality products, Autodesk has released this hotfix which provides;

  1. An update for proper file resolution when browsing in the web client.
  2. Cumulative Updates.

This README file highlights how to install this hotfix and other important information regarding this update.


Description of the Issue
System Requirements
Related Hotfixes
Known Issues
Files Affected
Update Verification
Installation Instructions

Description of the Issue

New Updates

  1. Multiple web clients accessing a server with multiple vaults may have mixed results.
  2. When logged in with Windows authentication clicking on a file link occasionally resulted in the error, "An unexpected error has occurred."

Cumulative Updates

  1. When accessing the web client via a URL for a specific page, the page that resolves (after authenticating) was incorrect.
  2. When accessing the web client via a URL for a specific file, the page that resolves was the file list instead of the file view.
  3. Searches in the web client couldn't be limited to current and below folders. Every search was across the entire data base.
    This update adds folder level search capability.

System Requirements

  • Autodesk Data Management Server 2011 Update 2 (Collaboration)
  • Autodesk Data Management Server 2011 Update 2 (Professional)

  • Related Hotfixes

    Updates from the following hotfixes are included in this release.

    1. DL18674643
    2. TS17818003
    3. TS16782952
    4. TS15999530

    Known Issues

  • Attempting to log in to a nonexistent vault results in a blank page.
  • Attempting to log in without first creating a vault user account that corresponds to the domain account results in a blank page.
  • The web browser's security settings must be set to automatic logon with current user name and password.
  • The web site must have windows authentication enabled and 'Negotiate' and 'NTLM' providers enabled.

  • Warnings

    Files Affected

  • Connectivity.WebClient.Framework.dll
  • ServicesDeploy.dll
  • QuickSearchControl.ascx
  • WebClientApplication.dll

  • Update Verification

  • The updated Connectivity.WebClient.Framework.dll and WebClientApplication.dll files are version
  • The updated ServicesDeploy.dll file is version
  • The updated QuickSearchControl.ascx file has a date of Apr 17, 2011.
  • Installation Instructions

    1. Download the hotfix to a temporary directory on the Autodesk Data Management Server.
    2. Extract the DL19358812.msp file to the temporary directory.
    3. Double-click on DL19358812.msp to install the hotfix.
    4. Install the hotfix on each Autodesk Data Management Server.
    5. In the Autodesk Data Management Console perform a Rebuild Search Index.

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