Extension for Autodesk Maya 2014 Release Notes 

Thank you for downloading Extension for Autodesk® Maya® 2014.

This document describes known limitations, issues and fixes in this release. It is strongly recommended that you read this document before you install this release. For reference, you should save this readme to your hard drive or print a copy.

Important notes:

• This service pack is a full product installation on all operating systems. Uninstall your existing Maya application before installing this release.

• This service pack includes all of the fixes from releases that preceded it. Therefore, you do not need to download and install all of the releases in addition to this service pack. For information on previous releases, see: www.autodesk.com/maya-releasenotes.

For complete instructions about uninstalling and installing this product see: Maya Installation Help

To learn about new features in this release see: What's New in Maya

For complete documentation and resources, see: www.autodesk.com/maya-docs

For certified hardware, see: www.autodesk.com/maya-hardware

For more Maya Support, see: www.autodesk.com/maya-support

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The following list contains bug numbers and corresponding descriptions for issues fixed in this release.

Bug Number
MAYA-12299 Skinning : Fixed a problem where Undo after Painting Weights may provide unexpected results Animation Character
MAYA-18962 Fixed a crash when using an empty mesh as a deformer (such as a lattice) Animation General
MAYA-20387 Fixed problem with camera names in the sequencer Animation Nonlinear
MAYA-21886 Fixed a crash when running cleanUpScene.mel on Linux Animation Character
MAYA-22108 Fixed a problem where getAttr -t returns wrong values for IK spline solver Animation Character
MAYA-22130 Skinning : Fixed a problem where many messages appear in the Script Editor when accessing the Paint Skin Weights tool Animation Character
MAYA-22434 Playblast : Ensure custom applications can be used to visualize image sequences Animation General
MAYA-22492 Fixed a timing error when looping animation in the timeline Animation General
MAYA-22535 AnimLayers : Fixed a problem where muting an animation layer can cause it to disappear when reloading the scene Animation General
MAYA-22784 Skinning : Fixed a problem where Mirror Skin Weights on selected components creates unexpected results Animation Character
MAYA-23075 ATOM : Constraints fail when importing with namespaces in node names Animation General
MAYA-23636 Fixed a crash when using "Duplicate Special" with Input Graph activated Animation Character
MAYA-23700 Fixed a selection issue with objects that have shader overrides Animation General
MAYA-24155 Undoing the creation of an orient constraint on a joint may result in a bad state, leading to a crash Animation General
MAYA-24231 Fixed a problem where the "Layers" menu becomes greyed out in the Animation Editor Animation General
MAYA-24288 Playblast : Fixed a crash in Fcheck when playblasting animation with sound Animation General
MAYA-24444 Performance: Fixed a performance issue where the Graph Editor/Dopesheet are slow when displaying many animation curves on Windows Animation General
MAYA-24620 GraphEditor : Fixed an issue where the Retimer would put the Graph Editor into a stuck state Animation General
MAYA-24866 Skinning : Fixed a problem where painting smooth skin weights can cause vertices to pop Animation Character
MAYA-24956 Playblast : Fixed a playblast crash in batch mode Animation General, Rendering
MAYA-25127 GraphEditor : Fixed a performance issue when selecting a massive amount of keys in the Graph Editor Animation General
MAYA-25181 Performance : Fixed a performance issue with the Graph Editor on Mac OS X and Linux Animation General
MAYA-25717 Skinning : Fixed a problem with skinCluster command Animation Character
MAYA-26449 deleteAttr is too slow with too many attributes Animation General
MAYA-27006 Skinning : Fixed an issue with Prune Small Weights Animation General
MAYA-18756 Improve performance for MFnSingleIndexedComponent::getElements()  API
MAYA-23134 Fixed a precision problem when parsing double values API, FileIO Maya
MAYA-25748 Crash in MItMeshPolygon::getVertices after component selection with custom MPxSurfaceShape API
MAYA-27349 Fixed a problem .NET SDK using PythonDotNet API .NET
MAYA-20142 AbcExport: Improve the performance of 
util::isAnimated() for complex rigging
Cache Representation - Alembic
MAYA-16949 Ensure project/workspace that contain multiple-bytes characters will open/save scene files on systems using different languages FileIO Maya
MAYA-19340 Fixed a problem where "Abort File Read" doesn't work with "Remember these settings" File Referencing, FileIO Maya
MAYA-22281 Populate File Name field with the existing saved scene name when 'Save As' is invoked FileIO Maya, UI General
MAYA-23227 File referencing: Fixed a problem with the evaluation of expressions during file load which could result in errors or incomplete file load File Referencing
MAYA-24498 Fixed a problem where "Ghost" edits persist when switching representations File Referencing - Reference Edits, Multiple Representation
MAYA-25122 Fixed a problem where expressions don't preserve unique long names for underworld nodes FileIO Maya, Scripting MEL
MAYA-25752 Fixed a scene bloat issue with many hidden node editors File Referencing, UI Node Editor
MAYA-25989 Updated the default file thumbnails, for the Visor to show Maya binary files FileIO Maya
MAYA-26477 Fixed a problem where parent reference edits are not persistent File Referencing - Reference Edits
MAYA-23714 Prevent a crash when calling currentCallbackId() after the current callback has been removed Foundation
MAYA-24583 Crash when replacing custom dynamic attributes with extension attributes Foundation
MAYA-25019 Fixed a problem where plug-ins that are derived from MPxDataType won't unload Foundation
MAYA-26142 QtOpenGL Viewport type causes the Maya workspace to conform to the size of the QtWindow Foundation, UI General
MAYA-26181 Fixed a start up issue with nvidia driver – error: nvd3d9wrapx Foundation
MAYA-26262 File I/O: Fixed a problem where "exportAsReference" can cause crash under certain conditions Foundation
MAYA-25119 HIK : Baking auxiliary effector is corrupting referenced file HIK
MAYA-25123 HIK : Fixed an issue where FK joints have non-zero values after characterization HIK
MAYA-26221 HIK : Fixed a problem with Global Scale using Human IK on Mac OS X and Linux HIK
MAYA-24740 License error when attempting to batch bake with Turtle LIRA
MAYA-22570 Cannot change File Textures "Attribute to paint" list for 3D Paint Tool in Simplified Chinese and Japanese UI mode Localization
MAYA-15089 Fixed a crash when creating render layer while IPR is running mental ray
MAYA-23189 Unified sampling: Fixed an issue when rendering with a Utility Pass can generate NaNs in the areas where there should be no information (black) mental ray
MAYA-18175 Boolean operation between objects with border edges or holes Modeling
MAYA-22931 Fixed an issue where Detach Edge breaks locked vertex normals Modeling
MAYA-23070 Fixed a crash with polySeparate on certain meshes Modeling
MAYA-23455 Fixed an issue where floating window + Viewport 2.0 + MTK crashes the video driver (GeForce 9800GT) Modeling
MAYA-23694 Ensure that the Vertex Normal Method is copied to the new shape node (OrigShape) Modeling
MAYA-25787 Fixed a crash when using Artisan Tools on meshes with empty UVs Modeling
MAYA-25797 Fixed a crash when changing the display mode (for example, mode 5) after adjusting some lattice points Modeling
MAYA-25990 Fixed a performance issue for the soft-selection tool Modeling
MAYA-26500 Fixed a crash with polyEdgeToCurve when the inputMesh is invalid Modeling
MAYA-26697 Fixed an issue where high precision surfaces with multiple material assignment are drawn in the wrong place Modeling
MAYA-27408 Opening file with polyEdgeToCurve with (empty input mesh or no input mesh) crashes Maya Modeling
MAYA-28050 Fixed an issue where the Component and Object Buttons in the Status line are swapped Modeling
MAYA-5149 Booleans should also work on meshes with overlapping/duplicate faces Modeling
MAYA-23649 Allow custom representations to leave nodes in the scene when they are deactivated Multiple Representation
MAYA-25047 Fixed MPxAssembly node compute method Multiple Representation
MAYA-26178 Fixed a selection issue when duplicating a grouped scene assembly reference Multiple Representation
MAYA-26202 Fixed an issue where duplicating grouped scene assemblies does not maintain expected transformations Multiple Representation
MAYA-26951 "Group Under" option of "Duplicate Special" should work for nested assembly node duplication Multiple Representation
MAYA-22672 Fixed a crash with geometry cache on partially mapped mesh nCloth
MAYA-24099 Fixed an nParticle crash when meshTriangleSize is too small nParticles
MAYA-13331 Fixed an issue where the HLSL plugin fails to map to correct files if the plug-in is reloaded Rendering
MAYA-15751 JPEG images now write out with the correct pixel aspect ratio Rendering
MAYA-17875 Fixed an issue where mental ray IBL is using incorrectly high values Rendering
MAYA-18848 "Default Texture Data" feature seems broken for plug-in hardware shaders (HLSL, CGFX, DX11) Rendering
MAYA-18955 strings such as $currentRendererName (Viewport 2.0) printed in Script Editor continuously Rendering
MAYA-22050 Set Preferred Preset has no effect on Image Format when it should (Render Settings) Rendering
MAYA-22613 Mac only: Fixed an issue where selected vertices appear as green in Viewport 2.0 instead of yellow Rendering
MAYA-22639 Remove the global 2048 render target cap on Mac OS X (no more black screens on high-resolution monitors) Rendering
MAYA-22825 Fixed a crash when closing a render window or aborting render on Mac OS X Rendering
MAYA-22984 Fixed an issue with Multiple Color Sets in Viewport 2.0 with display smoothMesh activated Rendering
MAYA-23152 Ubershader: Fixes typo in anisotropic specular (WardAniso() code in AutodeskUberShader.fx) Rendering
MAYA-23263 Fixed an issue with duplicated HLSL shaders Rendering
MAYA-23288 mia_material presets Glazed Ceramic, Glossy Plastic, Matte Plastic have transparency set incorrectly Rendering
MAYA-24185 Fixed an issue where "Delete all Turtle nodes and clear all settings" can cause a crash Rendering
MAYA-24227 Fix an issue where HLSL shader nodes lose their links to the textures Rendering
MAYA-24363 Ensure all attributes are included in their delegated Attribute Spread Sheet columns (for example, visible in reflection/refraction, motion blur flags) Rendering
MAYA-25074 UV Editor: Fixed an issue with texture display for custom hardware shaders Rendering
MAYA-25377 Ensure that if -proj is specified, then assume the file name is either a full path or project relative Rendering
MAYA-26489 Hardware rendering: Batch Render does not render Ornaments (HUD) Rendering
MAYA-28205 Previously, Viewport 2.0 linearized HDR textures when using the Clamp Texture Resolution option. This has been fixed and this option now works correctly for HDR textures.
MAYA-28599 HLSL textures not working in the UV Texture Editor Rendering
MAYA-28157 Fixed a memory leak and crash with TextScrollListCmd Scripting MEL, Scripting Python
MAYA-26982 Add fullscreen mode for Mac OS X (Lion and Mountain Lion) UI Architecture


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The following section describes limitations, workarounds (where applicable) about this release.

Bug Number Summary Component/s Limitation/Workaround

Bullet Nodes are documented in the Maya Help in the Bullet Reference section Bullet Node Documentation The Maya Node Help omits information that concerns the Bullet nodes so Bullet Node links in the UI return an error.
Bullet Nodes are documented in the Maya Help in the Bullet Reference section. See Bullet Nodes.
MAYA-21806 Fixed a problem with resolving file names permanently File Referencing, FileIO Maya Scene files containing unfound Reference file(s) can now be permanently resolved when using the "Make path changes permanent" checkbox along with the "Browse" option (enables the user to browse to where the reference file is located) in the "Reference file not found" dialog. If the "Make path changes permanent" checkbox is not used, then the path changes used to resolve the unfound Reference files are not made permanent.

This option does not work on scenes containing nested file references. This works on Top-Level Reference files only. In order to permanently resolve nested references, the nested reference scene files must be independently opened and resolved.

Additionally, the "Remember these settings" option in the "Reference file not found" dialog now works with the "Abort File Read" option for scene files containing unfound file references. When the "Remember these settings" checkbox is enabled, and you select "Abort File Read", all references that are normally read and loaded into the scene at File > Open are ignored (in other words, no unresolved references files are loaded).
MAYA-27931 Heavy caches (> 2G) exported by gpuCache/AbcExport cannot be imported back by gpuCache and produces one error when imported by AbcImport Cache Representation - Alembic, Cache Representation - Baked Geometry This problem is caused by a limitation of Visual Studio 2010 and is fixed for Maya built-in Alembic/gpuCache plug-ins by patching the headers of Visual Studio 2010.
However, you may encounter the same problem when trying to build Alembic/GPUCache plugins with Visual Studio 2010 by yourself.


1. Customize the headers of Visual Studio 2010 and rebuild Alembic libraries.
2. Use Visual Studio 2012 or newer version.

More details about how to patch the headers of Visual Studio 2010:
_FPOSOFF macro is used in both fstream and iosfwd.
In Visual Studio 2010, it's defined as _FPOSOFF(fp) = (long)(fp).
In Visual Studio 2012, it's defined as _FPOSOFF(fp) = (long long)(fp).
fp is truncated to a 32-bit integer from a 64-bit integer in VS 2010.
MAYA-28353 XGen: default Renderer is set to 'none' XGen Manually set to mental ray in the Preview output tab.
MAYA-23332 XGen: 'Seexpr' shader not working XGen To use seexpr, the variable must be referenced by setting its name in the Name 0, Name 1... and so forth slots of the seexp attribute page. This means that there is a limitation of 8 custom shader parameters.

For example, if you are rendering normals, you can set the seexpr expression to $N. You must also take the extra step of setting Name 0 to N.

You can also reference custom shader parameters in the Customs box at the bottom of Seexpr.
MAYA-23047 XGen: mental ray can crash with higher densities XGen
MAYA-28299 / MAYA-26243
XGen cannot be loaded under Windows user name with upper ASCII characters
XGen, Localization
XGen does not support file names or file paths with upper-ASCII characters and double byte characters.
As a workaround, users should:
- install Extension for Maya 2014 using a lower-ASCII user name in Windows
- avoid installing Maya to a custom location with upper-ASCII and double byte characters
- avoid saving or opening scene names with upper-ASCII and/or double byte characters
MAYA-28239 'kPolyCBoolOp' has been added to the end of the MFn::Type enum.
API, Documentation MFn::kLast for Extension for Maya 2014 is one greater than that of Maya 2014. Plug-ins built against Extension for Maya 2014 that wish to retain backward compatibility with Maya 2014 must therefore avoid using MFn::kPolyCBoolOp, and should either avoid using MFn::kLast or take suitable steps to make sure that its value is decremented by one before using it in Maya 2014.
MAYA-23695 saveImage command doesn't work correctly for shaded objects
Rendering, Scripting
The saveImage command does not work as expected for shaded objects.

To workaround this problem, you can execute the following script to take a snapshot of the current scene view and save it as a endSnap.jpg file, to the \images directory of your project directory.

This workaround can be used for both the default viewport and Viewport 2.0.

string $ws=`workspace -q -fullName`";
evalDeferred "string $wsp=$ws + \"/images\"";
evalDeferred "sysFile -makeDir $wsp";
evalDeferred "string $wspf = $wsp + \"/endSnap.jpg\"";
evalDeferred "refresh -cv -fe \"jpg\" -fn $wspf;";
MAYA-28254 Maya 2014 SP 1 crashes when invoking Send To from Softimage 2014 SP 2 File I/O Workaround: Ensure that both Softimage 2014 SP 2 and Maya 2014 SP 1 or SP 2 are running before using the One Click functionality.


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