Autodesk® Mudbox® 2014 Service Pack 2 - Release-Anmerkungen

In diesem Dokument werden die bekannten Einschränkungen und behobenen Probleme in Autodesk® Mudbox® 2014 Service Pack 2 beschrieben. Es wird dringend empfohlen, dieses Dokument zu lesen, bevor Sie dieses Release installieren.


Behobene Probleme in Mudbox 2014 Service Pack 2. 1

Einschränkungen und Anmerkungen zu Features. 4

Weitere Ressourcen

Die folgende Tabelle enthält Nummern und die entsprechenden Beschreibungen für Probleme, die in diesem Release nach dem Release von Mudbox 2014 Service Pack 1 behoben wurden.




Mudbox standalone will not open on OSX 10.9 - failing to activate license


Fixed a start up crash with nvidia driver - error: nvd3d9wrapx

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In diesem Abschnitt werden bekannte Einschränkungen und schnelle Zwischenlösungen für Mudbox 2014 Service Pack 2 aufgeführt. Bitte melden Sie alle weiteren Probleme mithilfe des Bug Reporting-Formulars unter oder über den Menübefehl Hilfe > Ein Problem melden... in Mudbox.




The Gigatexel Engine stops working intermittently after assigning a new material or Ptex setup.

Workaround: Toggle the visibility of the offending paint layer on and off, create a new paint layer (can be empty or hidden), or save the file and reopen it to restart the Gigatexel Engine.
You need to start the Gigatexel Engine with this workaround before painting, otherwise textures on some tiles will go missing.


During installation there may be an error message that says the product key may be invalid and to re-enter it.

Workaround: Click OK on this dialog, click Next button again, and if product key is valid the installation continues.


Mudbox on Linux does not get pressure events from Wacom tablets with Fedora 12/Redhat 6, QT 4.5. You can find more details in the bug report here:

There is a patch for Qt here:


Files that include 16 bit TIF maps will show errors with "Send to Maya..." operation.


Mudbox crashes if the extraction map output file name contains %S in string (for example: AO_(%S).bmp).


Creating a joint with Topology Weights doesn't work properly with non-4-sided meshes. Workaround: Use alternative Weights method.


If the level of the source model is not the current level when extracting a map, the detail of lower sculpt layers will be missing.  Workaround: Ensure you display the required subdivision level before extracting the map, or select the current level in the Extract Texture Maps window to get the correct result.


Transfer paint layer works incorrectly if target and source have overlapping UVs.


When using a non US-English standard keyboard, some of the hotkeys may not work. Workaround: Set your IME to "English - United States" while using Mudbox. For more information see your operating system documentation.


When painting or sculpting with symmetry ON, sometimes the result will not appear on the opposite side. Verify that you have "Falloff based on Facing Angle" turned off.


The Transfer Details function works best on objects that are the same size, or larger than the default Mudbox meshes. If the transfer produces artifacts on the target mesh, try scaling up the source and target meshes to the same size as the default head mesh.


When using the option “Send to 3ds Max…” changing the units between Max and Mudbox may cause unpredictable results.


When the amount of texture data exceeds the available GPU on your machine, the effects brushes draw red temporarily if "Solo as Diffuse" is ON for a paint layer.

Workaround: Once the stroke is done, the brush correctly applies the effect and the result is correct. You can turn off the Gigatexel Engine in the Render preferences (which effectively disables the paint buffer) and the effects brushes will work correctly.


If a portion of a curve on a mesh is obscured (for instance, if a portion of the curve is on the back side of an object) and you use Stroke on Curve" with mirror ON, results may be incorrect.


When creating 16 bit integer tiff layers in Mudbox, Mudbox processes and stores them as floating point pixels. To save 16 bit integer tiffs, export the paint layer as such.


On Mac OS X the installer may hang at end of a successful installation. It is recommended to force quit the installer. Mudbox will then run normally.


On Linux, if Mudbox crashes when starting up with an error message such as "mudbox: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib64/ undefined symbol: X509_VERIFY_PARAM_new", try the following workaround:
1. Install OpenSSL >= 1.0.0 if you haven’t already.

2. Point the old symbol link to the 1.0.0 version, like "ln -s -f /usr/lib64/ /usr/lib64/"


An environment variable MUDBOX_EXPOSE_8K will expose"8192" in the Create New Paint Layer "Size" option. (It will not be exposed if less than 512 MB GPU available. 1.5 GB or more recommended).


Painting 8k (8192x8192) resolution textures can be unstable with some NVIDIA graphic cards with lower graphics memory.


Some SDK examples cannot compile because of QHash.

Workaround: If there is a syntax error with Qt header files when compiling the SDK examples, adding the correct Qt subdirectory to the #include declaration may fix it. For instance #include <QHash> would become #include<QtCore\QHash>.


On Mac, the (License Transfer Utility) does not launch.

Workaround: Run command line script /Applications/Autodesk/Adlm/R7/ <productkey> 2014.0.0.F -d "SA" -l "<language>"

Where <product_key> is the Mudbox 2014 product key 498F1, and <language> is en-US for English, ja-JP for Japanese, de-DE for German, fr-FR for French


Wacom driver 6.3.5-3 will cause Multi-Touch to stop working correctly.

Use driver 6.3.4-3 until a driver which fixes the problem becomes available.  


The sculpts done on the lower level are ignored by the detail transfer step in retopology. You have to propagate the sculpts to the higher levels to complete the detail transfer. You can do this by:

a. step up to the highest mesh level before doing the retopologize operation, OR

b. select the entire object, duplicate selected faces which creates a new mesh, and retopologize that.


Multi-Touch gestures can stop working if another Wacom device, such as the stylus is too close to the tablet, causing interference. Clicking the tablet with the pen will allow the gestures to work again.


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Programm zur Kundeneinbeziehung (CIP)

Beim ersten Start von Mudbox wird das Dialogfeld Programm zur Kundeneinbeziehung geöffnet. Wenn Sie sich dafür entscheiden, an diesem Programm teilzunehmen, wird Mudbox automatisch Informationen über Ihre Systemkonfiguration, die am häufigsten verwendeten Features, eventuell aufgetretene Probleme sowie andere Informationen an Autodesk senden, die für die künftige Entwicklung des Produkts hilfreich sind. Weitere Informationen finden Sie unter

Kunden-Fehlerberichte (CER)

Zur Verbesserung der Stabilität von Mudbox tragen zu einem großen Anteil die Kunden-Fehlerberichte bei, die uns Benutzer unserer Produkte übermitteln. Wir bedanken uns bei Ihnen für Ihre Zeit zur Übermittlung dieser Berichte und Fragen und wünschen uns, dass Sie so viele Informationen wie möglich zu den Aktionen angeben, die Sie durchführten, als der Fehler aufgetreten ist. Diese Angaben erhöhen den Wert des Berichts für uns erheblich und werden vom Autodesk Mudbox Engineering-Team sehr geschätzt.

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