Autodesk® Maya LTTM 2014 Service Pack 1 Release Notes

Thank you for downloading Autodesk® Maya LT™ 2014 Service Pack 1

This document describes known limitations and important information about Autodesk Maya LT. It is strongly recommended that you read this document before you install this release.


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This section provides important installation information about this product:

  • Maya LT requires a license of its own, you cannot activate it with a Maya license. You can activate it in trial mode, however.
  • Maya LT can be installed alongside an existing version of Maya. Preferences folders are distinct.
  • This service pack is a full product installation on all operating systems. Uninstall your existing Maya LT application before installing this release.

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This section lists issues fixed in this release.

  • MAYA-29214: Graph Editor - Show Buffer Curves impacts performance by modifying selection
  • MAYA-26181: Start up error nvd3d9wrapx with NVidia driver
  • MAYA-27711: License activation error on OSX 10.9
  • MAYA-28050: Component and Object Buttons in the Status line are swapped
  • MAYA-22483: Deleting history for creased geometry then mirroring geometry may cause instability
  • MAYA-21352: Deleting an Extrude node may cause Maya to crash
  • MAYA-28226: When creating CV and EP curves the knots may not display correctly
  • MAYA-21403: Modeling Toolkit may cause slower performance within Maya
  • MAYA-21815: "Vertex Normal Method" is set to "Area Weighted" but normals are wrongly using “Unweighted” method
  • MAYA-28205: VP2 clamps HDR/EXR values unexpectedly when using the global option: "Clamp Texture Resolution"
  • MAYA-28599: HLSL textures not working in the UV Texture Editor
  • MAYA-24950: Hypershade swatches not rendering zip compressed Tiffs
  • MAYA-28341: Maya 2014 via Windows Remote Desktop crashes with Viewport 2.0
  • MAYA-29461: ShaderFX - "frame selected" and "frame all" not working correctly
  • MAYA-28929: ShaderFX - Broken Shader param name in vertex shader
  • MAYA-29189: ShaderFX - Group end node position is moved when not inside that group
  • MAYA-29748: ShaderFX - Exported DX11 shaders have incorrect texture path labels
  • MAYA-29625: ShaderFX - Surface Shader node swatch not rendering in graph when using OpenGL
  • MAYA-29097: ShaderFX - Setting empty texture path in attribute does not clear the texture
  • MAYA-28235: ShaderFX - Dynamic attributes should update even when VP2 is not rendering
  • MAYA-28194: ShaderFX - EXRs loosing exposure control in HDR values
  • MAYA-28971: ShaderFX - Matcap UVs broken in DX11
  • MAYA-28872: ShaderFX - Fix Quad UV grps
  • MAYA-28820: ShaderFX - Ambient channel is Emissive channel
  • MAYA-29738: ShaderFX - Viewport rendering not working in OpenGL on ATI card
  • MAYA-28419: Maya LT toolbox icon does not have the correct http link or caption
  • MAYA-27567: Native File Dialog browser affects export with FBX; files are exported as MLT format
  • MAYA-26809: Show Shadow toggle button missing
  • MAYA-27893: VP2.0 Lattice draw not refreshing correctly
  • MAYA-28940: Transparency Depth Peeling crash

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This section lists known limitations and workarounds for Maya LT. 

  • MAYA-27662: Maya LT does not set timeline to the incoming files In and Out.
  • MAYA-27391: Image sequence as texture does not work.
  • MAYA-27337: The output from File > Optimize Scene Size that appears in the Command History gets truncated.
  • MAYA-20637: The Maya file browser cannot open files with filenames that contain the characters "[" and "]".

    To workaround this issue, use the OS native file browser instead. Set this option in the Maya LT Preferences.

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For complete installation and licensing instructions refer to the Autodesk Installation Help. Access this guide from the Installation Help link of the MayaLT installer or find the most up-to-date version here:

Find learning resources for Maya LT at:
Find support andtroubleshooting resources at:
For the latest list of certified hardware to run Maya LT, including graphics cards, refer to the Certified Hardware tool:
Find the Maya LT 2014 minimum system requirements at:

Customer Involvement Program (CIP)

The first time you start Maya LT, the Customer Involvement Program dialog box appears. If you choose to participate in the Customer Involvement Program, Maya LT automatically sends Autodesk information about your system configuration, what features you use most, any problems that you encounter, and other information helpful to the future direction of the product. For further information, see

Customer Error Reports (CERs)

We are able to improve the stability of Maya LT largely because of the Customer Error Reports (CERs) that users of our products submit. We thank you for taking the time to fill out these reports and ask that you include as much information as possible about what actions you were performing at the time the error occurred. These details raise the value of the report immensely and are very much appreciated by the Autodesk Maya LT Engineering team.

For further information about CERs refer to


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