AutoCAD LT 2006 Update for Optimized Océ System Driver

This patch corrects a problem that prevents AutoCAD LT® 2006 customers from adding the Océ system driver that is optimized for AutoCAD LT when using the plotter wizard. Attempts result in an error message indicating that the ocegdi8res.dll file is missing.

Description of Problem

AutoCAD LT customers who wish to take advantage of the optimized printing features for their Océ printer receive errors when attempting to connect to the Océ Windows system printer driver. The following printer models are affected:

Affected Products

Installation Instructions

To install the patch:

  1. Close AutoCAD LT 2006.
  2. From the Autodesk Product Support website, download the zipped patch file that matches the language of your version of AutoCAD LT 2006.
  3. Extract the ocegdi8res.dll from the zipped file.
  4. Copy the ocegdi8res.dll file, into the \DRV folder.
  5. Start AutoCAD LT 2006 and click File > Plotter Manager.
  6. Double-click the Add-A-Plotter Wizard icon and follow the prompts to add the Océ system printer.