Readme for the Autodesk 2006 OE Hotfix

Autodesk 2006 OE Hotfix

Drawings with custom AEC objects created in an AutoCAD® 2007-based product and saved in the AutoCAD® 2004 or older drawing format may display multiple error messages when working with them in an AutoCAD 2006-based product. This Hotfix suppresses the unneeded error messages.

These error messages are caused by the presence of future-version custom AEC objects that are too complex to be saved back to a previous drawing format. Proxy representations of these objects are not properly handled by the earlier Object Enablers. Additional problems when working with these drawings include the inability to bind xrefs in some circumstances. The custom AEC objects in these drawings cannot be edited and will be visible only if ProxyGraphics are enabled when the drawing is saved from the original application.

For more information about custom and proxy objects, see the "Work with Custom and Proxy Objects" topic in the AutoCAD Help system. Enter "proxy objects" on the Search tab.

Who should install this Hotfix?

Install this Hotfix if you see the following error messages when you use 2007-format drawings saved in the 2004 or older format:

Which Autodesk products are compatible with this Hotfix?


To install this Hotfix, run the executable provided. You can also install this Hotfix with a script that uses the following flags:

Files Patched by this Hotfix

This Hotfix updates the following files: Additionally, this Hotfix updates the following files only if they were installed by the original application:
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