Autodesk Vault 2014 Service Pack 1 for Autodesk Vault Basic 2014, Autodesk Vault Workgroup 2014, Autodesk Vault Professional 2014
July, 2013

Release Notes - Readme file
Autodesk, Inc.

In a continuing effort to provide high quality products, Autodesk has released Autodesk Vault 2014 Service Pack 1 (Client) and Autodesk Vault 2014 Service Pack 1 (Server) for Autodesk Vault Basic 2014, Autodesk Vault Workgroup 2014, and Autodesk Vault Professional 2014. The Service Pack fixes or addresses a variety of issues pertaining to those releases. This README file highlights how to download the Service Pack, how to install the Service Pack and what has been fixed.

NOTE: Throughout this Readme document references to Vault 2014 will apply to Autodesk Vault Basic 2014, Autodesk Vault Workgroup 2014 and Autodesk Vault Professional 2014.


          Locate the Autodesk Vault 2014 Service Pack 1 file at:  Autodesk Vault Services & Support


WARNING: Failure to follow these instructions properly may result in unusable sites. This procedure applies to Single Site, Multi Site and Connected Workgroup deployments.

NOTE: Always ensure that a successful backup has been performed before applying this Service Pack.

Client Service Pack 1 Installation - applicable to every Autodesk Vault Client 2014

  1. Run "Autodesk Vault 2014 Service Pack 1 (Client).msp" on the Vault Explorer client to install the Service Pack.

Server Service Pack 1 Installation - applied to every Autodesk Data Management Server (ADMS)

  1. Open the ADMS Console.
  2. Make sure all databases are fully migrated to the latest version.
  3. Close the ADMS Console application.
  4. Restart the web service by typing 'iisreset' at the command prompt.
  5. Run “Autodesk Vault 2014 Service Pack 1 (Server).msp” on the ADMS server to install the Service Pack.
  6. Repeat the preceding steps for every ADMS server.

Database Update - applied ONCE from one Autodesk Data Management Server (ADMS) instance as specified.

WARNING: DO NOT PROCEED until Service Pack 1 has been successfully applied on ALL ADMS servers.

  1. Use the appropriate server and ADMS Console application.
  2. Restart the web service by typing 'iisreset' at the command prompt.
  3. Open the ADMS Console and perform the database migration.
  4. If necessary, attach any previously detached databases and allow the migration to complete.
NOTE: On Connected Workgroup environments, the SQL snapshot agent may not handle generating the initial snapshot. If this occurs, restart the SQL snapshot agent. 


ADMS - Server:
  1. Improved server performance for connected workgroup (full database replication).
  2. Inside the ADMS Console on the Replicated Folders dialog, resolved the issue of not honoring the folder checkbox.
  1. Improperly displaying an ownership error when the user exits an Administration dialog on the Vault Client when the current workgroup does not have the Administration token.
  2. Not able to download iLogicVB files from Vault.
  3. Fixed empty node shown when expand/collapse the Project Explorer view panel.
  4. Fixed error viewing file when Autodesk Design Reviewer 2013 is not installed.
  5. After renaming, Get / Check out of AutoCAD Electrical files with Parents throws Update file reference error.
  6. Cannot Print ECO Summary with IE9 installed.
  7. Find and Clear buttons overlap in the Find panel of View tab of Item Master as well as  in the Files tab of Change Order List.
  8. Inventor property 'Doc Sub Type Name' is being extracted when mapped to an Item User Defined Property.
  9. Missing images at Items Export and Import dialogs are resolved.
  10. Fixed viewing of AutoCAD Electrical Files/DWF in Vault Explorer on x64 machines.
  11. AutoCAD properties configured with a bi-direction mapping will not update when performing some 'update properties' workflows (especially API calls).
  12. Impossible to choose another device in the Plot Manager when plotting PDF files.
  13. IExplorerUtil.UpdateFileProperties did not update mapped AutoCAD properties.
  14. Fixed error 'No Open Entry' while doing Pack-And-Go on file set containing parts of same file name (different content) but residing in different folder(s).
  15. When using the Assign or Update Item dialogs to update items, only the first level children may show up in the assign item wizard, even though other children are in need of updating before Items can be released.
  16. Visualization Publish Options do not work as expected when performing Update View on AutoCAD Mechanical and Electrical drawings.
  17. Unable to plot DWF format on 64-bit OS.
  18. Cannot write back properties to .DOC files.
  19. Emails from Outlook are not getting Checked into Vault when multiple Check-in operations happen simultaneously.
  20. CER: Get/Checkout of file with a direct parent that is cloaked throws Error dialog.
  1. Corrected 'Search Results' node behaviour in AutoCAD Open From Vault dialog.
  1. Children files are not getting downloaded from Vault if they are already in the local disk​.
  2. "Close All" command is not Checking in all the opened files​.
  3. Incorrect Vault status for the Substitute LOD parts coming in from Library Project​.
  4. Open from Vault Icon is not sticky in the Inventor Quick Access Toolbar​.
  5. Unloading Vault add-in and restarting Inventor will show 2 Vault tabs in the ribbon for a new document​.
  6. Open from Vault is opening wrong revision of the Drawing if the corresponding Assembly is opened already.
  7. Added 'Rename/Delete' function for Shortcuts listed in Inventor Open From Vault Dialog.
  8. File dirty flag is not shown for Non vaulted files in Inventor
  9. Transparency setting for Inventor icon is not showing properly in Vault browser on Windows 8
  10. Manual refresh is needed to show the correct Vault status.
  11. CER: Unexpected exit of Inventor when suppressing or unsupressing parts​.
  1. Delete target Vault folder before completing "Add Files", no error is displayed.
  2. Back and Up buttons are not working as expected in Load Family dialog.
  3. Browsing into a file via the right pane still shows the .rfa icon for family types.
  4. Clearing family search filters quickly, leaves you stuck in search results.
  5. Windows classic theme breaks search button.
  6. Revit Login error dialog indicates wrong Revit version.
  7. After Closing main file and saying Yes to the SaveToVault prompt  the main file remains checked out from Vault. 
  8. Error comes when user wants to add read-only files to vault.
  9. "Add Files" to invalid vault folder results in incorrect, non-modal error message.
  10. Restrictions dialog is not modal while using Add Folder option with a file in that folder is still open in Revit.
  11. Getting an extra prompt when uploading a network shared central file, where the mapping is referenced by a local mapped drive letter as opposed to a UNC path.
  12. Linked files do not appear in Load Family dialog.
  13. Fixed by removing "Family Type Already Exists" dialog  while adding an existing Family Type.
  14. Fixed the UI of “File Extensions” part in Options Dialog.
  15. While working on any canvas, user can see link file’s content in host file when the link file is from vault.
  16. Provide the function of search by Family file name.
  1. Resolved the following Autodesk Reference Repair Utility issues;
  2. Inside the Reference Repair Utility, the settings options have been disabled to reflect that the user cannot do anything post an execution of the utility.
  3. In the Reference Repair Utility, fixed the consistency issue by ensuring that even null value UDPs are written to the XML as empty.
  4. For Vault properties mapped to a custom office file property, the Update Properties toolbar button may be inactive when accessing Office files on subscriber ADMS instances.
  5. Autodesk Vault icon is disabled in MS Office and Outlook 2007.
  6. Performance improvement for dragging and dropping larger number of files to vault.
  7. Check In from Outlook will return warning when a previous Check In is in progress.

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