SAMreport-Lite Update

This update will correct an incompatibility between versions of SAMreport-Lite older than 3.6 and FLEXlm 10.8.

Description of Problem

When running a report log file generated by FLEXlm 10.8 Network License Manager, versions of SAMreport-Lite older than 3.6 return an error: "Report log version is newer than report generator. Please upgrade report generator before reading this file." Downloading and installing SAMreport-Lite 3.6 will fix this problem.

Affected Products

Installation Instructions

To install SAMreport-Lite 3.6:

  1. Close all applications and log in as Administrator.
  2. Download the SAMreport.exe file to a location on your local computer.
  3. On your local computer, find and double-click the SAMreport.exe file that you downloaded.
  4. When the installation process begins, follow the steps on the screen.
  5. A message will indicate when your product(s) have been successfully installed. Click Finish to complete the installation.