AecDtlComponents Hotfix Readme – English Only

An issue in the US Details Database shipped with AutoCAD Architecture 2008 caused some components in “Division 09 Finishes” to fail upon insertion or give a “ERROR: Could not setup sub-recipe information.” error on the command line.

Known Problems fixed

This update will correct insertion errors that may occur in the following components within in Division 9:

·      Gypsum Plaster

·      Portland Cement Plaster

·      Stucco

·      Veneer Plaster

·      Gypsum Wall Board Accessories

·      Gypsum Wallboard

·      Suspended Acoustical Ceiling

·      Suspension Tee

·      Suspension Wall Angle

·      Suspension Wire

·      Wood Strip Flooring

·      Resilient Flooring

·      Resilient Flooring Accessories

·      Carpet Accessories

·      Carpet Pads

·      Carpeting

·      Acoustical Insulation

Affected Products

·      AutoCAD Architecture 2008

Installation Instructions

To install this Hotfix:

Note: Administrative privileges are recommended on your Microsoft® Windows® operating system to complete the installation process.

1.  Close AutoCAD Architecture 2008 if the application if it is running.

2.  Navigate to the location of your existing US Details database. By default the location is:
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Autodesk\ACD-A 2008\enu\Details\Details (US)”

3.  Rename the existing file “AecDtlComponents (US).mdb” to “AecDtlComponents (US)_ORIGINAL.mdb” to preserve it in case you need to revert back for any reason in the future

4.  Place the new file “AecDtlComponents (US).mdb” in this same directory

5.  Restart AutoCAD Architecture 2008. There should be no need to reload the database in “Format > Options, AEC Content tab, within the “Details Component Databases” button

List of the files replaced by this Hotfix:

“C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Autodesk\ACD-A 2008\enu\Details\Details (US)\ AecDtlComponents (US).mdb