AutoCAD 2012 Performance Slowdown Hotfix

Description of Problem

This hotfix is suitable for all AutoCAD 2012® verticals and will fix the slowdown caused by the layer control update available in the ribbon.

NOTE: Install this hotfix only on the shipping version of the product. Service Pack 1 already contains this fix and you should not install this hotfix if you already applied Service Pack 1.

Installation Instructions

To Install this hotfix:

NOTE: You must have administrative privileges on your Microsoft® Windows® operating system to complete the installation process.

This installation requires you to replace the following files:

To replace the acbol.dll and Acmgd.dll files

  1. On the computer where the affected product is installed, close all running software applications.
  2. Navigate to the installation folder and find "acbol.dll" and Acmgd.dll"
  3. Right click on each file and select Properties.
  4. For Windows XP, click on the Version tab, and for Windows Vista and Windows 7 click on the Details tab.
  5. Check the file version of both files is "".
  6. If the file version of both files is "", or higher, you do NOT need this hotfix.
  7. Rename "acbol.dll" to "".
  8. Rename "Acmgd.dll" to ""
  9. Copy the hotfix that matches your operating system to a location on your local drive.
  10. Extract both "acbol.dll" and "Acmgd.dll" from the zip file to the install location.
  11. Verify the version of "acbol.dll" and "Acmgd.dll" is updated to "".
  12. Start AutoCAD 2012 vertical based product and verify that it is running.

NOTE: You can restore AutoCAD 2012 vertical based products to the previous state by removing "acbol.dll" and "Acmgd.dll". Then rename "" and "" back to "acbol.dll" and "Acmgd.dll".

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