AutoCAD® Civil® 2010 Update 3 Readme

In a continuing effort to provide high quality products, Autodesk has released AutoCAD Civil 2010 Update 3.

AutoCAD Civil 2010 Update 3 contains the fixes included in AutoCAD 2010 Update 2, and AutoCAD Map 3D Update 2. AutoCAD Civil 2010 Update 2 is required prior to installing this Update.

Please read this document before you apply the update to your product. For your reference, save this Readme to your hard drive or print a copy.


Who Should Install This Update?

Subscription Benefits

General Installation Information

Windows Command Line Switches

Applying This Update to a Stand-alone Installation

Applying This Update Through Your Local Network Using a Patch List

Applying This Update to an AutoCAD Civil  2010 Network Administrative Image

Known Issues in AutoCAD Civil 2010 Update 3

AutoCAD Civil 2010 Issues reported with the Customer Error Reporting Utility

Issues Resolved for AutoCAD Civil 2010 Update 3

Issues Resolved for AutoCAD 2010 Update 2

Who Should Install This Update?

This update, CIVIL2010SP3.exe, is for all versions of AutoCAD Civil 2010 running on English-language and non-English-language operating systems.

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Subscription Benefits

Subscription customers can now access selected subscription benefits without logging onto the Subscription Center. The following benefits are available only to subscription customers.

Online Renewal

If you meet the online renewal program rules and your subscription expires soon, a balloon notification with the option to renew displays. This notification displays only three times. If you have already renewed your subscription, or are not a subscription customer, these options are not available.

•         In InfoCenter, follow the directions in the alert message that displays.

•         In InfoCenter, click the Subscription Center button. Under Benefits Center, click Click Here to Learn More About Your Subscription Benefits and follow the directions that display.


In InfoCenter, click the Subscription Center button. Under Benefits Center, click View eLearning Catalog or from the bottom of the Subscription Center menu click an eLearning lesson. You will be prompted to sign-in to the Subscription Center.


You can access some subscription-only learning and technical support without logging onto the Subscription Center. This includes eLearning lessons.

New Advantage Packs

When a new advantage pack becomes available, a balloon notification and menu option displays. To review and download the advantage pack, click the balloon notification or menu option. You must have permission to begin the download. Contract managers and software coordinators can control access to advantage packs from the Subscription Center > Set Access from Product. Instructions for setting access permissions are provided to contract managers and software coordinators prior to advantage pack releases.

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General Installation Information

As you prepare to install this update, keep the following in mind:

•         If you intend to apply the AutoCAD Civil 2010 Subscription Advantage Pack to your installation of AutoCAD Civil, you must do so before applying AutoCAD Civil Update 3. Attempts to apply the Subscription Advantage Pack after application of AutoCAD Civil Update 3 will fail.

•         Create a backup of all custom CUIx (menu customization) files before installing the update. These files are located in:

Microsoft® Windows® XP: Documents and Settings\<user name>\Application Data\Autodesk\CIVIL 2010\enu\Support folde

Microsoft Windows Vista: <username>\AppData\Roaming\Autodesk\CIVIL 2010\enu\Support folder

•         During the installation of this update, you may be prompted for the original installation media or network image. In order to apply this update, you must have administrative privileges to install and uninstall products.

•         Administrators can deploy this update over a network using the Deployment wizard.

•         After you install, product information displays in the About dialog box.

•         The following benign error message may be displayed when installing this update on non-English language operating systems, or when the English product is installed on a non-English locale:

Resource Manager Error: Cannot load resource only DLL: C:\Program Files\AutoCAD Civil 2010\AecResMgr50enu.dll

This error message may also be displayed when running the AutoCAD Civil Content Browser feature on certain non-English language operating systems. If you see this error message, simply click OK and proceed with the update installation or with using the Content Browser.

Important: You cannot run an automatic uninstall to remove this update. To restore your version of AutoCAD Civil 2010 to its pre-update state, uninstall AutoCAD Civil 2010 and reinstall it.

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Windows Command Line Switches

The Windows command line switches built into this update are as follows:

•         /e - Extracts the MSP file from the update executable.

•         /p - Extracts a patch list from the update executable.

•         /q - Suppresses the completion message after the update is applied. This is useful if you use a script or batch file to apply the update to multiple computers.

Instructions about how to use these command line switches are included in the procedures that follow.

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Applying this Update to a Stand-alone Installation

1.    Download CIVIL2010SP3.exe and save it to any folder.

2.    Insert your AutoCAD Civil 2010 media into your media drive.

3.    Navigate to the folder where you saved the update.

4.    Double-click the executable file to begin the installation.

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Applying this Update Through Your Local Network Using a Patch List

Use this procedure if you want to use Communication Center to apply this update through your local network.

To apply this update through Communication Center using local patch list functionality

1.    On a machine that has AutoCAD Civil 2010 installed, install the Autodesk CAD Manager Tools. To install the Autodesk CAD Manager Tools, insert the AutoCAD Civil 2010 product media and select Install Tools and Utilities. On the Select the Products to Install page, select Autodesk CAD Manager Tools. Click Next to review and accept the License Agreement, then click Install to start the installation.

NOTE: The update should not be installed on this machine.

2.    In a shared location, create a folder where the patches will be downloaded to (for example, \\servername\shared_folder_location\).

3.    Click Start > Programs > Autodesk > CAD Manager Tools > CAD Manager Control Utility.

4.    Select AutoCAD Civil 2010 from the drop-down list and click OK.

5.    On the InfoCenter tab, under Communication Center Panel, select Enable Live Updates. From the drop-down list, select Receive Live Updates from Local Network.

6.    Select Browse and browse to the previously created shared location (for example, \\servername\shared_folder_location\ ).

7.    Select Manage Patches. This option allows you to connect with the Autodesk servers and allows you to download any available patches for your current installation of AutoCAD Civil 2010.

8.    Under Manage Patches, the AutoCAD Civil 2010 Service Packs are listed. Select the update you want to apply. Under Action Type select Add To Patch Folder and select Update Patch Folder.

9.    Under Details you will see "downloaded to local patch folder on <time><date>".

10. Click Close.

In AutoCAD Civil 2010, ensure the Communication Center is configured. Once it is configured you will see that a Live Update Maintenance Patch is available.

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Applying this Update to an AutoCAD Civil 2010 Network Administrative Image

Administrative images created with the AutoCAD Civil 2010 Network Installation wizard cannot be updated to include AutoCAD Civil 2010 Update 3.  To apply this Update follow the steps in the section titled “Applying this Update to a Stand-alone Installation”.

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Known Issues in AutoCAD Civil 2010 Update 3

There are no known issues in this update.

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AutoCAD Civil 2010 Issues reported with the Customer Error Reporting Utility

As a result of detailed information from customers who used the Customer Error Reporting Utility, a number of issues in the following areas were identified and fixed in this update:

•         Intersections

•         Memory Issues

•         Survey

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Issues Resolved for AutoCAD Civil 2010 Update 3

This update includes the resolution of over 10 issues. This section of the readme documents the resolved issues that previously caused loss of data, unexpected failures of AutoCAD Civil, or reflect a change in functionality. You can view the issues resolved in AutoCAD Civil 2010 Update 1 and AutoCAD Civil 2010 Update 2 Readme’s.

Alignment Spirals

         Drawings which contain alignments with spiral curves will no longer change geometry upon open.


         Incorrect instances of missing Language pack errors on file open have been resolved.


         An issue that caused a regenall to be required in order to see style changes has been resolved.

     Performance Issues

•         Instances have been addressed where AutoCAD Civil 2010 runs out of memory during certain tasks.

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Issues Resolved in AutoCAD 2010 Update 2

AutoCAD Civil 2010 Update 3 provides the following AutoCAD 2010 Update 2 fixes in a format that is installable on AutoCAD Civil.

The following defects have been fixed:

2D Drawing

•         If the PLINETYPE system variable is set to 0, STRETCH does not work as expected on arc segments of polylines.

•         When the PLINETYPE system variable is set to 0, the closing point of a polyline with segments of different widths does not display correctly.

•         If you use the JOIN command on splines, a duplicate control point is inserted.

•         When you use the JOIN command on multiple polylines, AutoCAD may crash.

•         When drawing  a closed heavy weight polyline with different width for each segment, the polyline cannot be closed properly.

3D Modeling

•         When you open a drawing that contains solids, some solids display briefly and then disappear.

•         If a grip on a mesh face, edge, or vertex is highlighted and you use the ViewCube, AutoCAD crashes.

3D Navigation Tools

•         When you use the 3DORBIT command, you cannot orbit correctly. You can only orbit around a single pivot point and you cannot orbit around a specific object in a large group of several objects.

•         AutoCAD may become unstable while dragging the cube and releasing the cursor at the top of the canvas.

Action Recorder

•         An Action Recorder macro created in AutoCAD 2009 may fail to run in AutoCAD 2010.

Annotation Scaling

•         When there are xrefs in a drawing, changing annotation scales takes a long time.

•         When an annotative style multiline text (mtext) is rotated or surrounded by a hatch, the boundary box does not display correctly.


         Exploding a block using “NetExplode” API modifies the “Global width” property of the polyline.


•         When you turn off the display of an attribute with a visibility parameter in a dynamic block, the Enhanced Attribute Editor lists attribute prompts incorrectly.

•         You cannot copy an object from an AutoCAD 2009 drawing and paste it as a block into an AutoCAD 2010 drawing.

•         You cannot use the Properties palette to set the value of an action parameter to 0.

•         When you delete a constraint parameter from a dynamic block, AutoCAD may crash.

•         You cannot stretch some dynamic blocks as expected.

Check Spelling

•         When you run spellcheck on uppercase words, AutoCAD may crash.


•         When you save a workspace, if the Enterprise CUIx file is read-only, AutoCAD crashes.

•         Toolbar flyouts close unexpectedly.

Customer Involvement Program

         AutoCAD may fail to start up on Windows 7 workstations with Windows 2008 Server on the same subnet.

Data Extraction

•         When you use Data Extraction to extract the value of a block's multiline attribute into a table, text formatting code displays in the table.

•         Constrained attribute values may not extract properly based on drawing order.

DGN Support

•         When a DGN file is imported, some attributes are missing.

•         Restores the ability to use any extension when attaching DGN files.

•         DGNIMPORT command with "Ignore all external references" option may not work.

Digital Signature

•         When you open a drawing, the Invalid signature dialog box may display even if the digital signature is valid.


•         You cannot create an angular dimension between two lines in different XY planes.

•         AutoCAD may become unstable when stretching multiple dimensions with dimbreaks applied.

•         Cyrillic characters in dimension text may cause AutoCAD to incorrectly report that the drawing is corrupt after running RECOVER.


•         When the background color in AutoCAD is black, some DWF underlays do not display correctly.


         When opening some DXF Files, you may receive a DXF error.

Dynamic Dimensions

•         When you use the COPYBASE command with Dynamic Input on, AutoCAD crashes.


         AutoCAD may become unstable when using eTransmit.

Express Tools

         AutoCAD may become unstable when editing height values for arc-aligned text in the Properties Palette.

Export Layout

•         When you use the EXPORTLAYOUT command on files in which Standard styles have been renamed, AutoCAD crashes.

External References

•         You may not be able to bind multiple xrefs that include nested xrefs.

•         Xref's with true color gradients now display properly in 2D graphics modes.

•         AutoCAD may display an error message about logic color -5 when attaching an xref.

•         AutoCAD may become unstable when binding an xref.

•         AutoCAD may become unstable when using right-click menu on an xref.

File Open

•         When you try to open a drawing file from a FTP site, AutoCAD may crash.

•         After applying Vista SP2 or on Windows 7 it is not possible to double click and open a folder that is using DFS Namespace.

•         AutoCAD drawings saved in Vault may not display 2010 properties properly.

•         Opening drawing files from older releases of AutoCAD may take a while to open.

•         Unable to use asterisk "*" symbol on wildcard searches.

Find and Replace

•         If you use Find and Replace, autonumbering is deleted.


           AutoCAD may become unstable when using older version ".SHX" fonts.

General UI

•         On the status bar, the model or paperspace button may be missing, even after you have repeatedly turned it on.

•         AutoCAD may become unstable when more than one bubble is displayed and then closed.

Graphic System

•         When the background color is changed in an active paperspace viewport, the cursor disappears.

•         After you plot a drawing in AutoCAD, if you lock Microsoft Windows and then unlock it, AutoCAD may crash.


•         When you turn off the current layer while grip editing a hatch boundary, AutoCAD crashes.

•         When the UCSVP system variable is set to 0, hatched objects align with the WCS rather than the UCS.

•         When you grip edit a hatch with an elliptical boundary, AutoCAD crashes.

•         AutoCAD may become unstable when double clicking on hatched areas in a drawing.


•         When you attach some TIFF images, AutoCAD crashes.

•         TIFF images may not display correctly.

•         Rotating an image with plines may appear to offset from the image.

•         AutoCAD session may hang when plotting drawings with rotated Mr SID images attached.


         Balloon notification in InfoCenter is blank when Windows 7 display Theme is set to Classic.

Inquiry Tools

•         The AREA command fails on some polylines.

Keyboard Modifiers

•         When temporary overrides are enabled, keyboard input using the Shift key may not display on the command line.


•         Xrefs on locked layers do not display faded as expected. The LAYLOCKFADECTL system variable fails to alter them.

•         When you delete a certain layer, all layers may be deleted.

•         On the ribbon, the Layer drop-down does not display layers based on the current layer filter.

•         Layer groups may not remain deleted after reopening the Layer Manager.

•         AutoCAD may become unstable when switching layouts if the Layer Description column is frozen.

•         Objects on "layer 0" in an external reference do not display when the layer is turned on from the current drawing.


•         When you set your system time back more than 2 days, your license is broken.

•         When you use a proxy server for internet access, the License Transfer Utility fails.


         Some of the linetypes with text do not display correctly.


•         When you have AutoCAD 2009 and AutoCAD 2010 installed side-by-side, LiveUpdate does not work in AutoCAD 2009.

Measurement Tools

•         When you use the MEASUREGEOM command, the tooltip and command line results are different. The tooltip result is incorrect.

•         When you use the DIST command in model space, the results at the tooltip and the command line are different. The tooltip result is incorrect.


•         When you export certain profiles, AutoCAD crashes.

•         When you save certain profiles migrated from AutoCAD 2009, AutoCAD 2010 crashes.

Multileader (mleader)

•         When you mirror mleaders that contain blocks with multiline attributes, the mirrored attributes are incorrectly justified.


         AutoCAD can be slow when updating OLE objects in Microsoft Word 2007.

         "Paste to Original Coordinates" is disabled in right-click context menu after copying objects from another open drawing.

         AutoCAD may become unstable when pasting drawing files into Microsoft Word.

Organic Modeling

         Gizmo may not display while in 3D Orbit.


         64-bit AutoCAD may become unstable when using PRESSPULL on mesh object.


•         When you plot a drawing as a PDF file, the layer order is not alphabetized as expected.

•         When a drawing that contains layers with names that include special characters is exported as a PDF, it cannot be opened.

•         When you attach a large PDF file to your drawing, or try to attach it and then cancel the operation, performance is slow.

•         AutoCAD may hang when plotting large images to PDF.

Property Palette

        AutoCAD may become unstable when using the Property Palette.


•         When Windows XP is set to Windows Classic theme, on any Asian language version of AutoCAD 2010, if you use the PUBLISH command, AutoCAD freezes.


•         On Windows Vista, in the Purge dialog box, when you attempt to use the Ctrl or Shift keys to select multiple items, the first highlighted item is de-selected.

Quick Access Toolbar

         Opening a linked drawing from a Microsoft Office product may cause the Quick Access Toolbar to no longer display.


•         Calculations performed by the QUICKCALC command may be incorrect.


•         When you use the RECOVER command on an AutoCAD 2000 formatted drawing file, polylines and splines in the drawing are deleted.

•         Opening drawings with dense hatch appear to hang at 31%.

•         Some older drawings containing 3DSOLIDS do not display.

Reference Edit

•         When you use the REFSET command, you can only add one instance of a block to the reference set. Other instances are rejected and an error message displays.


•         Text styles from an attached xref display in the Ribbon text style control.

•         When you switch between AutoCAD Classic and other workspaces (for example, 2D Drafting & Annotation or 3D Modeling), performance becomes slow.

•         Layers with a VP Freeze for a viewport indicate the VP Freeze status even when the viewport is not active.

•         When you click the File menu in the zero doc state, AutoCAD freezes.

•         After you unload a partial CUI file, a tab remains on the ribbon. If you click the tab, AutoCAD crashes.

•         AutoCAD may become unstable when switching to the Render tab of the Ribbon when .NET 4 is on the system.

•         Legacy menu bar may display over the Ribbon when AutoCAD is not responding while opening large drawings.

•         AutoCAD may become unstable when using Clipping Boundary control in the Ribbon.

•         AutoCAD may become unstable when dragging a Ribbon Panel on Windows 7 64-bit operating system.

Section & Flatten

•         When you section solids through API, multiple memory leaks occur.

•         SECTIONPLANETOBLOCK  may not work correctly when the sectionplane is not intersecting an object.

•         After using the command SECTIONPLANE AutoCAD may become unstable.

•         SECTIONPLANE may not display all cutaway geometry.


•         The SHAREWITHSEEK command may not work if the port used to communicate with Seek is blocked by a firewall.


•         When you snap to the grid, there may be a slight offset from the grid.


         Bigfont may not be converted properly when saving a DWG to 2004 file format.


         In AutoCAD 2010 German, you cannot use ribbon controls to modify coordinates.

Visual Basic

         May not be able to restore minimized AutoCAD with VBA loaded.

Visual Lisp

•         When you use the CECOLOR system variable, the value returned by using the Getvar function is incorrect.

•         LISP incorrectly converts some Japanese characters to CIF.


•         With the XATTACH command, you cannot select multiple xrefs.

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