AutoCAD MEP 2009 Bill of Materials Hotfix (French and German only)

This hotfix corrects the values within Bill of Material Schedules in AutoCAD MEP 2009 for French and German languages® 2009-based products.

Description of Problem

After applying AutoCAD MEP Update 2 the results in the Bill of Material schedule often produced "?", question marks, instead of the proper numeric values and some of the tables were not being created.

Affected Products

Installation Instructions

To Install Bill of Materials Hotfix

You must have administrative privileges on your Microsoft® Windows® operating system to complete the installation process.

This installation requires you to replace the following file:

NOTE: Only apply this hotfix after you have installed a AutoCAD MEP 2009 product in either French or German language. This installation requires you to modify an installed product, which may cause Windows security warnings to display. For all Windows security warnings that display during installation, click Continue.

To Replace the AecbBomTables.arx File

  1. Close all software applications.
  2. Navigate to your product installation folder; for example C:\Program Files\AutoCAD MEP 2009.
  3. In the product installation folder, right-click the AecbBomTables.arx file and select Properties.
  4. Click the Version tab and confirm the file version.
  5. Rename the affected original file.
  6. Based on the product you have installed, double click the appropriate file.
  7. Extract AecbBomTables.arxfile to the product installation folder; for example C:\Program Files\AutoCAD MEP 2009.
  8. Start AutoCAD MEP 2009 application.

To Uninstall Bill of Materials Hotfix

  1. In the product installation folder