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March 21, 2013

Release Notes - Readme file
Autodesk, Inc.

This file highlights installation instructions as well as information about known issues that could be useful while working with the Autodesk Factory Design Suite 2014. All information provided is relevant to all three of the Factory Design Suites 2014 (Standard, Premium & Ultimate) unless stated otherwise. If you encounter issues not covered in this document please report them to Autodesk through your reseller or to FDS Feedback.

Notes About Installation

Installation Requirements

Installation Instructions

Summary of Known Issues

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  1. We encourage you to install all of the products included in the Autodesk Factory Design Suites 2014 and to install all products at once. The Factory Design Utilities 2014 installed with the Suite are also compatible with point-products (Autodesk Inventor/Inventor Professional 2014, AutoCAD Architecture/Mechanical 2014 and Navisworks Manage/Simulate 2014) that were installed prior to installing the Suite.
  2. Before you install Autodesk Factory Design Suites 2014, please update your operating system. Reboot your system after all security updates, and so on, are installed.
  3. We recommend that you use a certified graphics card and make sure the driver is up to date. Go to our cards and drivers page and query on the certified graphics cards and drivers for the Autodesk Factory Design Suites. Also, review the System Requirements document for specific product needs.
  4. You may need to install 2013 updates as a result of installing the Suite (and therefore upgrading to .NET 4.5).
  5. One third party in the installation requires .NET 3.5. If you are running Win8 64-bit OS, please make sure you are connected to the Internet, or you may encounter an installation failure when trying to download .NET 3.5 SP1.
  6. If you are running Windows 7 64-bit, verify that you have the Microsoft fix for user mode callback exceptions KB976038. This fix ensures that Autodesk receives the correct data from Inventor error reports. For more information, and access to this and related Microsoft downloads, refer to technical support article TS15492718.
  7. If you downloaded the source files to a local folder with a name that contains non-English characters, ensure that the language in Regional Settings is consistent with the language name of that local folder.
  8. When installing on an English operating system, we recommend that only English characters be included in the installation or deployment path.
  9. If you cannot select some products to install, hover the cursor over the red "prohibited" circle in front of the product to get more information.
  10. If there is blue balloon in front of the product, please read information in it before you click Next on the installation page.
  11. The Autodesk Factory Design Suites 2014 install Autodesk Design Review 2013, which automatically uninstalls Autodesk Design Review 2012.
  12. If installing Vault 2014 client and add-ins as part of a Suite, Vault add-ins may not be installed with AutoCAD Architecture. To resolve the issue, select Uninstall/Change for the Vault client in Control Panel > Programs and Features, then select Add or Remove features in the Vault client install, and re-select the add-ins that need to be installed.
  13. If you are installing Vault Server 2014 and wish to migrate your existing Vault Server 2013 installation and libraries, we recommend the following:

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    Autodesk Factory Design Suites 2014 support Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit and Windows 8 64-bit at their latest updated versions.

Disk Requirements - Autodesk Product Design Suite Ultimate 2014

Suite Edition System Actual Disk Required
Factory Design Suite Ultimate 2014 Windows 64-bit Total - 32.3 GB System drive (required) - 16.1 GB
Factory Design Suite Premium 2014 Windows 64-bit Total - 28.8 GB System drive (required) - 13.3 GB
Factory Design Suite Standard 2014 Windows 64-bit Total - 16.3 GB System drive (required) - 10.3 GB

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Before you begin...

      1. Install all Windows Updates that are pending on your machine, and reboot:
      2. Windows 8: Windows Update is located in the Control Panel, which is accessible on the desktop Charms Bar, Settings menu.

        Windows 7: Windows Update is located in the Control Panel, which is accessible from the Start menu.

        It is sometimes necessary to perform Windows Update multiple times to completely update your operating system.

      3. Verify that enough disk space is available on your machine to install Autodesk Factory Design Suites 2014.

Before installing Autodesk Factory Design Suites 2014 please uninstall all prior Autodesk beta products. We recommend that you uninstall the Autodesk Factory Design Suite beta using the Uninstall Tool provided on the Beta portal.

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To Install Autodesk Factory Design Suites 2014:

    From the Internet...

  1. Access the Autodesk Factory Design Suites 2014 installation files appropriate to your purchase type.
  2. Follow the instructions to download and launch the Suite installer. Temporary extraction is to your temp folder. Operating system errors regarding very long path names can occur if this temporary location is nested too many levels deep.
  3. If the Suite installer does not launch, browse to the folder where the files were extracted, and double-click setup.exe.

    From a USB Drive...

  1. Insert the USB stick in an available USB port on your computer, and wait until Windows recognizes the device. The Autodesk Factory Design Suites 2014 installer launches automatically. If the Suite installer does not launch, browse to the USB drive using Windows Explorer, and double-click setup.exe.

    Continue the installation...

  1. In the installation dialog box that appears, choose the products that you want to install. To configure a product with your preferences, click the expandable arrow under each product name and make the desired changes.
  2. For all Autodesk ReCap 2014 installations, we strongly recommend that you consume Service Pack 1 to address a known Suite uninstall issue. This Service Pack has been released and is detected automatically by the installer if your system has an active internet connection. Alternatively, ReCap supports update notification capabilities to notify you of this Service Pack and automatically apply it. (If necessary, use the option to browse to a local copy of this Service Pack 1, separately obtained, to include it in the installation.)
  3. Reboot the system after the installation is completed.

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To Uninstall Autodesk Factory Design Suites 2014:

  1. From the Start menu, click All Programs > Autodesk > Uninstall Tool. This tool lists the majority of products and components installed by the Suite installer.
  2. Select all entities you wish to uninstall and then click the Uninstall button. Exit the tool upon completion.
  3. Due to interdependencies between multiple products and components, the Uninstall Tool is unable to list every item installed as part of a complete installation of the Factory Design Suites 2014. If you need to uninstall all remaining components, access the Operating Systems uninstall capability on the Control Panel in Programs and Features.

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    NOTE: It is not guaranteed that files saved with beta versions of the individual products in Autodesk Factory Design Suites 2014 migrate into the final release versions included in the Factory Design Suites 2014.

  1. If AutoCAD Mechanical or AutoCAD Architecture is started from the Launchpad or command line, their icons on the Windows Task bar can become confused and show incorrectly for the other product.
  2. If you encounter unexpected status of Vault Check in and Check out, please close the document and reopen it.
  3. If you are operating Sync AutoCAD or Sync Inventor with Vault located files, you may encounter an issue where the Check in button is greyed in AutoCAD Architecture or AutoCAD Mechanical. You can check in 3D Assembly files to Vault in Autodesk Inventor; then the linked 2D DWG file will be checked into Vault automatically.
  4. Annotation settings will only apply to subsequently created asset tags; previously created tags will not be affected.
  5. Annotation with Japanese Fonts (2-byte stroke fonts) such as Extfont2.shx, will not be displayed as is in AutoCAD Architecture or AutoCAD Mechanical.
  6. A cryptographic DWG file is not imported to Inventor with the "Import DWG Solids" command. Removing passwords from the DWG file is a way to resolve it. Another way is using Inventor's "Open DWG" command to open the file and then close it. This will put the password into a session cache and then subsequent attempts to open it will work.
  7. Please do not republish an asset created in Factory Design Suite 2014 Beta with Annotations, or Inventor instability may be encountered.
  8. When opening the DWG that is generated by "Sync AutoCAD" in AutoCAD Architecture, the units in AutoCAD Architecture may not be consistent with Inventor. Additionally, assets may also appear overlapped in the 3D layout.

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We thank all our customers who identify issues and report them to us. These reports give us the opportunity to improve the product and provide you with the best solution in manufacturing design. We also thank you for your continued business and for the feedback regarding the content of this release.


Autodesk Factory Design Suites Product Team

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