Autodesk Inventor Publisher 2013
Jan 30, 2012

Release Notes - Readme file
Autodesk, Inc.

This document contains known issues and troubleshooting tips for Autodesk Inventor Publisher 2013. The hardware and software requirements for the application are included. We recommend that you configure your machine before you get started. If you experience problems not covered in this Readme, please send a detailed email to the Inventor Publisher team
























Software Requirements

§  Adobe® Flash® Player 10 or higher.

§  Latest Graphic Card driver with Microsoft certification for WHQL.


Hardware requirements

§  Different levels of hardware can support different data capacity levels:






Intel® Pentium® 4, AMD Athlon™, AMD Opteron™, or later (with SSE2 support) 2 GHz

Intel® Pentium® 4, AMD Athlon™, AMD Opteron™, or later (with SSE2 support) 3 GHz


32-bit system: 1 GB

64-bit system: 2 GB

32-bit system: 2 GB

64-bit system: 4 GB


§  Autodesk Inventor Publisher 2013 requires a minimum capability of Pixel Shader 3.0 and 256MB video RAM. As a guideline, the following graphics cards support Pixel Shader 3.0:




GeForce series 7, 8, 9 and higher

Radeon X

GeForce GT and GTX

FireGL X and V (all models)

Quadro FX after FX1500

FirePro (all models)

Quadro NVS after 280









Graphic Cards


§  Publisher does not run correctly on computers with the graphic card Matrox M9140.




§  Inventor Publisher fails if you launch it using a remote XP operating system.


Insert DWG


§  Publisher does not support Light, Animation, 2D sketch and Dimension of DWG.

§  Publisher does not support DWG files containing section components, and AEC DWG files.

§  Publisher does not support color and material for surfaces in 3D DWG files.


Insert Inventor File


§  Publisher does not support Inventor R8 and earlier files.

§  Publisher does not support home camera and surfaces in Inventor files.

§  Weld Beads are imported into Publisher as components.

§  When you import a part using non-default faceting options, decal do not always import correctly.




§  The Update capability is limited to Inventor files, Fusion DWG, and 123D files.


View Tools


§  The Home view in Publisher is not synchronized with the Home view in Inventor.




§  In Inventor Publisher 2013, you cannot override component materials that are saved in previous Inventor Publisher versions of Inventor Publisher.




§  When you open SketchBook Designer to edit image annotations, Publisher does not respond until you finish the edit and close SketchBook Designer.


Parts List


§  To use the new parts list data on existing IPB files, use the Update command to retrieve the BOM information from the Inventor assembly file.


Publish DWF


§  You cannot publish the duration of a Snapshot to DWF.

§  You cannot publish callouts, labels, 2D AutoCAD blocks, images, and attached images to DWF.

§  You cannot publish rendering styles, detail views, dimensions, parts list tables, trails, and section views to DWF.

§  After Publisher overrides DWF materials, you cannot export them to DWF.

§  You cannot publish the halo effect to DWF.

§  The active view of a published DWF file in ADR is not the active snapshot in Publisher.


Publish Image


§  The floor reflection effect is not published to an image correctly if the width or height resolution is larger than 2048 pixels.

§  When you publish a component with Ambient Occlusion style to an image with high resolution (width larger than 3000 pixels, height larger than 2000 pixels), the image displays a grid. 


Publish Vector


§  The Publishing vector output from models originating from DWG and DWF files is of  lower quality than the output from models that originating from other formats.

§  Multi-line text does not publish correctly.


Publish Mobile


§  After Publisher overrides a DWF material, you cannot export it to mobile.

§  You cannot publish dimensions, parts list tables, trails, section views, and rendering styles to mobile.


Publish PDF


§  You can publish only models and arrows to 3D PDF.


Word Add In:


§  If you install Autodesk Inventor Publisher 2012 and 2013 versions on the same computer, uninstall Autodesk Inventor Publisher 2012 Word Add-in from the control panel.




Autodesk Inventor Publisher Product Team