Backburner 2007 Service Pack

This file contains information regarding known issues.

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Installing Backburner 2007 Service Pack 2 (SP2)


You must be logged in to the system as an administrator in order to install the Backburner 2007 Service Pack 2.


This Backburner 2007 Service Pack is available in localized versions. Please make sure to use the correct localized installer for your 3ds max install.


The Backburner 2007 Service Pack should be installed on all network rendering servers running Backburner.


Network deployment is not supported for this Service Pack.


Existing versions of Backburner must be uninstalled before installing this Service Pack (the Service Pack is a full install in itself).


Defects with this service pack should be reported to Autodesk Product Support at:

Uninstalling Backburner 2007 Service Pack 2 (SP2)

To uninstall the Backburner 2007 Service Pack 2, you must go to Add/Remove Programs menu of Windows XP (Control Panel). You will find the Backburner program in the list of programs installed.

Issues addressed by this Service Pack



Fixed a problem that occurred when jobs were sent to multiple servers. Servers would finish a job, and not be available again for subsequent jobs. This prevented them for picking up jobs in the queue, and from being re-assigned manually.



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