Installing Autodesk Alias 2013 Help

By default, the Help for your installed product is internet-based WikiHelp. It will be accessed automatically provided you have an internet connection.

If you prefer to use a local copy of the Help, you can download it and set Alias to use it instead of WikiHelp.

Prepare to install Alias Help

Before you install Alias Help, ensure you do the following:

Install Alias Help on Windows

  1. Double-click the Autodesk Alias 2013 Help executable file.
  2. By default, the Help is installed to the following directory, depending on the product selected:

    C:/Program Files/Autodesk/Alias2013/Help/en_US

    To install to a different location, enter that location in the Destination folder field, or click Browse and select it.

    If the destination folder does not exist, it will be created automatically before extraction.

  3. Click Extract.

Install Alias Help on Mac OS X

  1. Double-click the Autodesk Alias 2013 Help executable file.

    The Alias Help package appears in a Finder window.

  2. Double-click the disk (.dmg) file.
  3. Drag the folder from the disk file to the following directory, depending on which product you have installed:




Set Alias to use the installed Help

  1. In Alias, choose Preferences > General preferences and click System.
    • For Help Location, select Installed Help, and ensure that the specified path is correct.
    • When the Help system is installed locally on your file system, the pathname must be prefixed by file:/// for example, the default paths for Alias Design 2013 English documentation would be:
      file:///C:/Program Files/Autodesk/Alias2013/Help/en_US (Windows)
      file:///Applications/Autodesk/AliasDesign2013/ (Mac)
      (Change the product name and version to match what you have installed)

    • When the Help system is on an intranet, the pathname must be prefixed by http:// for example:
      http://local.intranet/Alias{version}/Help/ (see your network administrator)

    • When you are accessing the Help system directly from Autodesk's web site, the pathname should be set to:

  2. Restart Alias.
  3. Close this window when you are done.

For IT Managers: How to deploy Alias 2013 help as part of a deployment (Windows)

  1. Create an Alias 2013 deployment image.
  2. Download the Autodesk Alias 2013 Help installer from
  3. After creating a deployment image, create a new folder called AliasHelp as a subfolder to the AdminImage folder:


  4. Copy alias_help_2013.exe to the AdminImage\AliasHelp folder.

    For Simplified Chinese help install, copy alias_help_2013_chs.exe.

    For Japanese help install, copy alias_help_2013_jpn.exe.

  5. Open the [Deployment Name].INI file (located at:
    \\your_server_location\your_shared_location\your_deployment_name\AdminImage) and do the following:
    • Under"Autodesk Alias core", add ALIASHELP to POSTREQUISITE= as follows:


    • At the end of the [Deployment Name].INI file, add the following lines:

      PRODUCT_NAME=Autodesk Alias 2013 Help
      EXE_PARAM=s -a -s

  6. Set Alias to use the installed help.
    • Instruct each user to follow the instructions under Set Alias to use the installed Help.