Live Update Hotfix

This update corrects a problem downloading product updates from the Communications Center.

Description of Problem

Any available Live Update Maintenance Patches within the Communications Center cannot be downloaded.

Affected Products

(1)Apply this patch only if the installation includes AutoCAD Mechanical 2008 or AutoCAD Mechanical Desktop 2008.
(2)Apply this patch only if the installation includes AutoCAD 2008.

NOTE: This hotfix can be applied to any localized version of the above products.

Installation Instructions

To Install the Live Update Hotfix

  1. Close the affected application(s).
  2. Find the AdInfoCenter.dll in the folder where your Autodesk product was installed; for example, C:\Program Files\AutoCAD 2008. In this folder, right-click the AdInfoCenter.dll file and select Properties.
  3. Click the Version tab and confirm the file version. If this file is version, then proceed with this installation.
  4. Right-click AdInfoCenter.dll and rename it as AdInfoCenter.bak.
  5. Download the appropriate AdInfoCenter zip file (based on AutoCAD product). Extract the zip file and verify the AdInfoCenter.dll is version

    Product File name
    AutoCAD-based products for 32-bit
    AutoCAD-based products for 64-bit
    AutoCAD LT

  6. Copy this dll to the product folder used in Step 2.

NOTE: To remove this hotfix, delete the new AdInfoCenter.dll file that you downloaded to the product folder specified in Step 2 and restore the file you renamed in Step 4 to its original name.