Modify Drawing Codepage Utility

This DOS utility will change the codepage of drawing files saved in a language other than the language the file was originally created in, allowing text to be displayed correctly.

Description of Problem

Drawing files created in AutoCAD® versions older than 2004 and saved in a version of AutoCAD that uses a different language may not properly display text. For example, a drawing created in AutoCAD Japanese 2000 and reopened and saved in AutoCAD English 2002 may display text improperly when opening the saved drawing in AutoCAD Japanese 2000 or AutoCAD 2007.

Installation Instructions

To Install and Modify Drawing Codepage Utility

  1. Download the self-extracting file Codepage Tool.exe to your local folder.
  2. Double click the downloaded file and extract the resulting files to the default folder or the folder you have specified.
  3. A license agreement (Utility License.rtf) is included as one of the extracted files.

    You must read and accept the license agreement before using the utility. If you do not agree with the terms of the license agreement, then delete the utility.

  4. Click Start > Run. Enter "cmd" in the Run dialog to open a Command Prompt window. Click OK.

    Note: The Modify Drawing Codepage Utility can only be run from a Command Prompt window.
  5. Change directories to the folder where the utility was extracted in Step 2.
  6. Enter the following at the command prompt:

    ModifyDWGCP.exe [folder or file name] [-c Codepage][-s][-h][-?] [<logfile_name.txt>]


Available Codepage Selections

Thai or 874
Japanese or 932
SimpChinese or 936
Korean or 949
TradChinese or 950
CentralEurope or 1250
Cyrillic or 1251
English or 1252
Greek or 1253
Turkish or 1254
Hebrew or 1255
Arabic or 1256
Baltic or 1257
Vietnam or 1258

To run ModifyDWGCP.exe from a location other than the folder that it was installed in, do one of the following:

  1. Append the name of the folder where the Modify Drawing Codepage Utility resides to the Windows Path environment variable, after which ModifyDWGCP.exe can be run from any folder.


  2. Preface the ModifyDWGCP command with the path of the install folder; for example, C:\<your folder>\ModifyDWGCP.


ModifyDWGCP.exe g:\Zones\Project\Drawings\house.dwg -C 932


ModifyDWGCP.exe g:\Zones\Project\Drawings\house.dwg -C Japanese

Changes the codepage of the house.dwg drawing in the folder g:\Zones\Project\Drawings\ to Japanese.

ModifyDWGCP.exe g:\Zones\Project\Drawings\ -c 950 -s results.log


ModifyDWGCP.exe g:\Zones\Project\Drawings\ -c TradChinese -s results.log

Changes the codepage of all drawings in the folder g:\Zones\Project\Drawings\ and its subfolders to Traditional Chinese and writes the results to the log file called results.log.