Autodesk Network License Manager IPv6 Support Readme for Mac OS X

This Readme contains information about downloading and installing the Autodesk Network License Manager files required for IPv4 support.


Supported Operating System

Downloading and Installing Network License Manager

To download the NLM IPv6

 To install the Autodesk Network License Manager

1.     Unzip the file into a folder on the machine as follows:


tar –zxvf nlm11.10_ipv6_support_mac_universal.tar.gz


or you can double-click the file nlm11.10_ipv6_support_mac_universal.tar.gz and follow the instructions.



2.    Install the FLEXnet server PKG (extracted above) with the following command:


Installer -pkg nlmipv6support_macuniversal.pkg –target /


or you can double-click the file nlmipv4support_macuniversal.pkg and follow the instructions.


3.     The NLM should be installed under /usr/local/flexnetserver.


To start the Network License Server

  1. Open a Terminal window and navigate to the Autodesk Network License Manager folder (containing the files lmutil, lmgrd, and adskflex).
  2. In that folder, enter the following command to start the Network License Server:

./lmgrd –c license_file_list –I debug_log_path

Note: It is recommended to start lmgrd with a non-root user. If you must start lmgrd with a root user, enter the following to run lmgrd as a non-privileged user:

su username ./lmgrd –c license_file_list –I debug_log_path

where username is a non-privileged user.

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