Layout Viewport and Property Palette Hotfix

This hotfix repairs a problem in which fatal error occurs when :

  • changing scale of viewport in layout.
  • changing properties in Property Palette during block reference edit.
  • Description of Problem

    In layout mode, if you change the scale of viewport using the status bar viewport scale, fatal error occurs.

    During block reference edit, fatal error occurs in Property Palette if you attempt to change properties of a object that is not part of the block reference.

    Affected Products

    Installation Instructions

    To install Layout Viewport Hotfix

    You must have administrative privileges on your Microsoft® Windows® operating system to complete the installation process.

    NOTE: This installation process requires you to modify an installed product, which may cause Windows security warnings to appear. For all Windows security warnings that appear during installation, click Continue.

    1. Close all software applications.
    2. Navigate to the folder where your product is installed, for example, C:\Program Files\Autodesk\ACADM 2011\Acadm.
    3. In this folder, right-click acme.arx and select Properties.
    4. Click the Version tab and confirm the file version. Proceed with this installation only if the file is version
    5. Right-click acme.arx and rename it acme.bak.
    6. Based on your product version, double-click on or and extract acme.arx to the folder specified in Step 2.
    7. Right-click the new acme.arx and select Properties. Confirm that this file is version

    NOTE: To remove this hotfix, delete the new acme.arx file that you downloaded to the folder specified in Step 2 and restore the file you renamed in Step 5 to its original name.