This hot fix package resolves the problem of the DX material who was unable to use UV channels higher than 1.When installing Hot fix 2 , you will also install hot fix 1. it is ONLY for 32 bit build


Install instructions
1-Download package
2-Execute the .msp file

WARNING : This works only for 3ds Max 9 32 bit



Disclaimer: The following hot fixes are interim measures to address specific issues that have caused problems for select customers. These hot fixes are not thoroughly tested and may have secondary effects unanticipated by us. Our common process is to roll hot fixes up into a service pack that is more thoroughly tested and has a much higher level of confidence. You can choose to use these hot fixes with the understanding they are not fully tested or supported and that we are unlikely to respond to any problems that these hot fixes may create. You have the option of waiting until a service pack for a more thoroughly tested and supported resolution of the problem the hot fix addresses. Please use hot fixes at your own risk.