Softimage 2014 Readme

Autodesk® Softimage 2014 をダウンロードしていただき、ありがとうございます。

この Readme には、Softimage のインストールに関する最新の情報が記載されています。Softimage 2014 をインストールする前に、この Readme 全体をお読みください。参照用として、このドキュメントをハード ディスクに保存するか、印刷してください。

Softimage 2014 は、フル インストール製品であり、Softimage の以前のバージョンと共存させることができます。以前のバージョンの Softimage を最初にアンインストールする必要はありません。


このセクションでは、Softimage 2014 で修正されたバグのリストを表示します。

不具合 ID
SOFT-2430 Animated boolean freezes for a few seconds when scrubbing the timeline.
SOFT-6228 Importing/applying FCurve data to timeline dramatically slower.
SOFT-6472 MatchTransform does not provide accurate result.
SOFT-6705 Crash when moving audio clip between tracks and adjusting the clip properties in the Animation Mixer.
SOFT-6713 Material animation lost when exporting to .xsi 3.6.
SOFT-7140 Undo of apply action on global kinematic params removes also constraint.
SOFT-7690 Relative Cycled Stepped FCurves are not always evaluating properly.
SOFT-7982 QFE: Moving keys using Timeline affects whole F-Curve keys not on frames (Auto Snap to Frames).
SOFT-8110 QFE: FCurve Editor | Pan/Zoom tool sticks with Maya interaction mode

Camera Sequencer
SOFT-7340 Object selection update problem after sequence edit actions
SOFT-7402 CamSeq: "Sequence Next Frame" and "Sequence Prev Frame" are "jumpy"
SOFT-7897 Clip info not showing up Camera Sequencer Layout.

SOFT-1568 Incorrect handling of long numerical truncation with naming objects.
SOFT-1893 An expression is removed when moving a related custom parameter set.
SOFT-2086 FBX: Similar duplicated image clips in Render Tree.
SOFT-4880 RefModels: IK affected by StoredPosition and StoredFCurve not refreshing on scene reopen.
SOFT-4963 Errors exporting and re-importing a model with lights and ICETrees.
SOFT-5164 FBX: imported bone is corrupted.
SOFT-5448 Undo is wrong when deleting a deactivated op.
SOFT-5681 FBX: from 123D-Catch crashes Softimage.
SOFT-5978 Softimage crashes when "factory.xsiprojects" file and current project are deleted.
SOFT-6247 Crash when importing model into a crowd scene with Arnold add-on.
SOFT-6268 FBX: UV fails to work in FBX.
SOFT-6285 FBX: Texture in cluster look different after import.
SOFT-6453 FBX: Fail to load extremely large data.
SOFT-6561 Camera "projplanewidth" and "projplaneheight" parameters not supported even when supported by FBX SDK.
SOFT-6588 [CER]: Reloading a Saved Scene with An Import Model Failure Crashes Softimage.
SOFT-6602 Crash with topo ICE Compound.
SOFT-6718 Incorrect connection in shared material after import.
SOFT-6740 Shape animation defect when importing to Softimage in FBX format.
SOFT-6747 [CER]: Softimage crashes on execution of command XSI_Import_POScene.
SOFT-6782 [CER]: Softimage Crashes in scnmgr While Resolving Relative Path.
SOFT-6887 Incorrectly created Groups in RefModel.
SOFT-6931 Failed to search and replace in external file manager.
SOFT-7071 [Linux] Refmodel: Expression in refmodel crash in linux under several scenario.
SOFT-7124 [CER]: Softimage crashes on importing FBX file.
SOFT-7333 2GB scene size limit (scn, emdl) in Windows
SOFT-7454 Rename issue for the Delta of nested model ref models.
SOFT-7755 Crash when trying to export a model as a Proxy (Mental Ray assembly).
SOFT-7850 QFE: Crash when importing a model with the Schematic view opened.
SOFT-7907 XSI Crashes Opening PPG of Shader with Expression Pointing to Deleted Camera 
SOFT-7916 XSI Crashes when Importing FBX file from Terragen.
SOFT-7936 Merging of same refmodel scene will rename the model incorrectly.
SOFT-8042 QFE: RefModel's base animation layer not active on specific scenario.
SOFT-8043 QFE: RefModel moved out from Group when merged
SOFT-8044 QFE: RefModel delta doesn't keep changes applied on InstanceGroup
SOFT-8077 QFE: FBX Option - Import nulls as models
SOFT-8107 [CER]: Crash on importing certain OBJ files
SOFT-8166 [CER]: Crash on loading RefModel with modifed camera and lights

SOFT-2878 Linux: CMDREG error during Setup.
SOFT-5527 Residual folders when Softimage is uninstalled from Windows OS.
SOFT-6140 Deviceparser crashes on execute.
SOFT-6188 Usability issues when using multiple instances of Softimage on Linux.
SOFT-6734 Launching Softimage with -uiscript displays "Autodesk Customer Involvement Program" dialog.
SOFT-6884 [CER]: Crash when restoring default preference value
SOFT-7095 Normals are not affected by an envelope deformation on ICE.
SOFT-7298 [CER]: XSI Crash on playing back scenes with missing properties.
SOFT-7276 Installation fails on CentOS
SOFT-7753 Crash when deleting many objects

SOFT-1836 Remove Initial State destroys the Strands.
SOFT-1879 Speed up evaluation after connecting nodes with script.
SOFT-2179 Point Reference Frame ICE attribute "jumps" under rotational deformation.
SOFT-2397 Connection breaks in ICE Tree with Cameras and Memos Cam.
SOFT-2527 Exposed ports re-ordered when using ppg groups.
SOFT-4903 Special characters accepted inside ICEtree, are not compatible in the scene.
SOFT-5048 Rigid Bodies simulation result changes with every playback.
SOFT-5252 Exporting a model with GetData ICE node pointing to Playcontrol.In crashes on new scene with creating primitive.
SOFT-5266 XSI crashes when "Sorting Array with Keys".
SOFT-5545 ICE Trees do not evaluate consistently across contexts such as Fcurves and expressions.
SOFT-5689 ICE Tree: Collapsed compounds uncollapse on load.
SOFT-6006 Crash when all the points in a large pointcloud are selected, followed by adjusting Subdivisions.
SOFT-6032 Crash when pointcloud is renamed or the original geometry where the Cache-On File node is deleted.
SOFT-6115 Linux: Softimage consistently hangs or crashes during playback of a large ICE simulation.
SOFT-6151 Displayport value does not appear when accessing attributes.
SOFT-6604 ICE Topo: Unable to merge hard edges.
SOFT-6679 Particles penetrate into each other in Bullet Rigid Bodies.
SOFT-6681 Instantiated Ref Model with ICE Tree crashes Softimage.
SOFT-6689 Create Copies from Polygon Mesh with Point Cloud does not return correct result.
SOFT-7348 Operators become accessible when the node has a reference of itself
SOFT-7393 Memory error or crash when changing group members used by ICE topology.
SOFT-7559 Deleting port on compound results in crash.
SOFT-7672 Mixer interpolation of ICE caches is broken.
SOFT-7686 Crash when using ICE Modeling with Custom Display Host view opened.
SOFT-7687 Broken conversion from quaternions to Euler rotations in custom ICE nodes.
SOFT-7693 Hard crash using AddICEAttribute on populated ICE tree.
SOFT-7728 Crash with locations.
SOFT-7785 Cache on File ICE node PPG overloaded.
SOFT-7856 QFE: UV Heal issue when having an ICE tree driving the UV.
SOFT-7857 QFE: Updating the name of a referenced object is not updated when using the "Reference to String" node. 
SOFT-8202 Crowd disappearing in Linux
SOFT-8161 ICE Syflex: Group ID not unique on XSI startup

SOFT-5546 Extreme slowdown when adding new actor sources.
SOFT-6626 Overwrite does not work when ICE Op has the same name as the Object.
SOFT-8301 Crowd FX: Emitters need to support direction
SOFT-8408 Crowd FX: Idle actions sliding even though actor velocity = 0 and there is no sliding in the original action
SOFT-8414 Crowd FX: Texture jumbled up on crowd actors

SOFT-1079 UV Unfold won't work on specific mesh - error - Current edge is not on a frontier.
SOFT-2384 Boolean engine error.
SOFT-2415 Object disappears by moving an object past another in the negative x-axis.
SOFT-2714 Enveloping a mesh to bones that were created with Draw Bone produce unexpected results.
SOFT-6026 [CER]: Performing Boolean Op on a high density polyMesh crashes Softimage.
SOFT-6143 Sliders with a range lack precision (split edge op).
SOFT-6645 Applying polygon reduction crashes Softimage.
SOFT-7752 Points added in a Custom Topology Operator are not selectable.
SOFT-7912 [CER]: Crash when scrubbing a scene with animated boolean
SOFT-8091 QFE: Symmetry option is deactivated if your object has a transform property

SOFT-1036 OGL HQV Environments: Environment ball wireframe showing with 'wireframe on shaded' viewport mode.
SOFT-1094 OGL HQV Shadows: Pointlight shadows incorrectly displayed.
SOFT-1261 Viewport Freezes with ICE UVs.
SOFT-1383 OGL HQV Textures: Spatial support for Image Textures differs from render.
SOFT-1394 Missing Render Tree connections after loading Shader Presets.
SOFT-1892 GenMatColor Map display is all black.
SOFT-1970 CopyPaste Partition to different pass doesn't retain Partition Name.
SOFT-2261 Specific HLSL shader not loaded into scene properly.
SOFT-2559 Crash when exceeding maximum sample value of 8 for Depth of field.
SOFT-2587 Z up and X up are swapped in Incident shader.
SOFT-4545 HQV Shadow Map does not work correctly with transparent material.
SOFT-4772 HQV: Mirror Ball (mip) Environment shader preview support.
SOFT-5478 Long refresh of viewports upon framing all.
SOFT-5490 HQV/RTS: .scr file texture load method is not working with RTS and HQV views.
SOFT-5510 Errors are logged for shaders unsupported by HQV.
SOFT-5531 HQV Warning when switching from Wireframe on Shaded in Textured to High Quality.
SOFT-5602 Soft Shadows are too bright when backface culling is enabled.
SOFT-5648 HQV: Fast Manipulation mode is not fast.
SOFT-5668 HQV: Enabling area light for spotlights affect shadows even though its not supported.
SOFT-5769 OGL HQV: Ambient option for lights not working properly.
SOFT-5940 Support Cg shader blending, culling, alpha and texture wrapping parameters.
SOFT-5942 Broken Shader PPG Logic.
SOFT-5944 Crash when inspecting shaders.
SOFT-6029 Long material name not kept after export.
SOFT-6033 Rendering *.st file output with field rendering causes XSI 2013 to crash.
SOFT-6132 Unhiding hidden polygons yield incorrect render results.
SOFT-6149 Shaders Backcomp: Scenes with old FX Shaders do not show up in DX9 Viewport.
SOFT-6163 Crash at exiting when Render preview window is not active.
SOFT-6314 Texture Editor Preferences: Set default value for snapping to off.
SOFT-6417 Inconsistent results when rendering Pass with ICE attributes.
SOFT-6431 Black viewport for first frame when loading the HQV Garage Scene.
SOFT-6442 Crash with Render Pass without MAIN channel.
SOFT-6527 OpenGL shaders not displayed properly with mixed view mode activated.
SOFT-6613 [CER]: Crash when a group is set as an Area Light source.
SOFT-6741 XSI Crashes When Playing With The Refresh And Lock Button in Render Preview.
SOFT-6878 Save As scene breaks shader animation clip evaluation.
SOFT-6879 Softimage takes very long time loading a sample scene with CgFX shader.
SOFT-6890 Crash with misss_physical shader and Irradiance Particles Enabled.
SOFT-7128 DeleteUnusedImageSources command deletes a used image.
SOFT-7290 XSI crashes within simple interaction on disc primitive.
SOFT-7476 Mental Ray sky Gamma issue.
SOFT-7655 Please support more .dds file format compression types.
SOFT-7723 Resizing a render region while render fragments are being processed causes Softimage to crash.
SOFT-7778 Render region updates in some scenarios even if it is set in manual refresh mode.

SOFT-1454 Disable keyable divot for texture type parameters.
SOFT-2104 Unfold Encountered an Error, quits/dumps out of Softimage.
SOFT-6314 Texture Editor Preferences: Set default value for snapping to off
SOFT-6494 [CER]: Unfold Crash when enabling texture display on viewport.
SOFT-6691 Crash when texture editor opens an EmptyPolygonMesh with a Texture Projection.
SOFT-6791 Topo Operator not applied on cluster property when affected by an ICE Tree.
SOFT-7365 Softimage cannot display TIFF with multiple alpha.
SOFT-8126 [CER]: Crash on texture stamping

SOFT-1273 Workgroup: ProjectSelector Example is Broken.
SOFT-1601 Linux: Cannot load "sqlite3" Python module.
SOFT-1658 NurbsCurve.GetUFromNormalizedU is not returning the correct value.
SOFT-1789 Calling "DisableFaceRobot" in a startup event destabilizes Softimage.
SOFT-1932 Linux: missing and modules in Python.
SOFT-2200 Crash when calling Geometry.Triangles.
SOFT-2321 C++ PPGItem siControlListBox unable to remove last entry to show an empty list box.
SOFT-4656 CPP HW Shader Plugins can't use a different DLL for implementation.
SOFT-5216 Linux: Error Message when opening Softimage command prompt.
SOFT-5717 Environment.GetPatriarchRigidBodyObjects() and GetPatriarchRigidBodyObjectsCount() crashes Softimage.
SOFT-5774 siControlListBox selection status not cleared when parameter value is out of range or undefined.
SOFT-5858 [CER]: Random crash when opening ICETree or RenderTree on certain scenes.
SOFT-5968 PPGLayout.SetViewPosition on Dual Monitor setup doesn't work.
SOFT-5993 Crash when executing Primitive.GetGeometry3() with no argument.
SOFT-6161 Using an Out-Of-Bond value for Layout.SetViewPosition freezes Softimage.
SOFT-6178 Generated vs2010 .vcxproj contains unwanted characters.
SOFT-6232 ICEAttribute.GetDataArrayChunk offset does not work with user defined ICEAttributes.
SOFT-6249 Crash on closing PPG dialog with GridWidget.
SOFT-6286 SDK: Layer.Parent returns "Softimage" instead of layer's parent (or parent layer).
SOFT-6356 shipped in bin directory is broken.
SOFT-6359 PassContainer.Passes returns properties but not the passes.
SOFT-6478 [CER]: When you drag-and-drop an emdl file, Softimage crashes if you abort an OnBeginFileImport event.
SOFT-6704 [CER]: XSI Crashes When Unloading A Workgroup With A Custom Renderer & RTCompound With RenderTree Open.
SOFT-6709 Tkinter not working on Softimage 64bit because it is a 32bit dll.
SOFT-6737 The Parent parameter of the CreateGroup command is broken.
SOFT-6951 Groups were incorrectly created under the same model of the selected objects.
SOFT-7123 [CER]: Crash when invoking the Group.Envelopes if the group is nested under other group.
SOFT-7496 Grid Data SDK update affects BeginEdit.EndEdit.
SOFT-7499 Crash when calling GridData.RowCount property.
SOFT-7512 NurbsCurveList.Get2() returns wrong point coords when weights are other than 1.0.
SOFT-7637 Shader not accessible from the material library if its name is the same as its material name.
SOFT-7653 SDK C++: Renderer.LockSceneData method sometimes returns a CStatus value of -1631059961.
SOFT-7748 Boolean parameter default value setting has no effect in SDK Wizard.
SOFT-7987 QFE: ProjectItem.RemoveICEAttribute doesn't work as expected
SOFT-8036 QFE: Please add view attributes support for the Fx Tree.
SOFT-8037 QFE: Getting Camera.FOV parameter value at specific frame returns wrong value when Focal Length parameter is animated
SOFT-8076 QFE: InspectObj SDK command doesn't recycle the PPG when called in a for-loop statement
SOFT-8115 Softimage logs excessive INFO messages about "data not set" on ICEAttributes

SOFT-5699 The child objects in a Compound Rigid Bodies do not collide with other objects in the simulation.

SOFT-2591 Jaw sliding and eye tracking deformation results are not symmetrical.
SOFT-7180 XSI Crashes when exporting mdds while the files are in repository (Read only).

SOFT-896 Width/Height fields are disabled when customizing a toolbar button.
SOFT-4914 ICE Tree UI grid snapping issue
SOFT-5325 Selection cursor not showing pick session mode in the schematic view.
SOFT-5810 Selected Object is not displayed correctly under the correct Pass in the Explorer.
SOFT-6429 Custom layout with more than 2 Tray switchers crash.
SOFT-6842 Rotation tool popping around screen space when polygons are multi-selected for rotate.
SOFT-6854 Set Parameter Color Dialog is Sent To Back After Clicking on Help Button.
SOFT-6950 Help button for User Tools menu should be removed as there is no actual help provided.
SOFT-7145 Ungroup won't work unless users know whether objects have been branched added.
SOFT-7611 StaticKineState properties not visible when Parameter Sort is set to Layout.
SOFT-7662 Plugin Manager: Custom folders containing plug-ins nested under children directories are not populating the UI properly.
SOFT-7670 FCurve display in ICE Compound PPG has overcomplicated interface
SOFT-7852 Display glitch for Animation Editor File > Save(.fraw2) dialog
SOFT-7858 LightProfileWidget is visible on inactive tab.
SOFT-7958 FCurve Parameter on CustomProperty not drawing initial view properly
SOFT-7993 QFE: Parameter divot still animated after deleting animation clips.
SOFT-8038 QFE: Schematic View: Rearrange All affects node positions randomly when you have many views


Windows でのインストール
1. Matchmover 2014 では、MSSA ネットワーク配置でインストールしたものから開始することはできません。

W7 x64 の場合: License.env の MSSA ライセンス オプションを「スタンドアロン」に変更します。
W8 x64 の場合: License.env の MSSA ライセンス オプションを「スタンドアロン」に変更します。さらに、次の Windows の環境変数を、ローカルのユーザ アカウントまたはマシンに追加する必要があります。
"adsk_matchmover_license" = Softimage

2. Windows コマンド プロンプトでの License.env ファイルの編集

License.env ファイルは C:¥Program Files¥Autodesk¥Softimage 2014¥Application¥bin フォルダにあります。
Windows コマンド プロンプトでこのファイル内の値を修正した場合、変更内容が登録されないため、修正は反映されません。たとえば、スタンドアロンからネットワーク ライセンスへの切り替え、およびその反対の切り替えです。
修正する場合は、License.env ファイルに編集権限を与えます。

注: License.env ファイルの値を変更するには、Autodesk Softimage のユーザ ツールまたはメモ帳などのアプリケーションを使用します。

Linux でのインストール
Softimage 2014 の Linux 用インストーラを実行すると、Softimage のほかに、ADLM、Composite、MatchMover などのコンポーネントもインストールされます。
* ADLM: /opt
* Composite および MatchMover: /usr/autodesk
注: インストーラの UI からでは、Composite や MatchMover のコンポーネントを選択解除することはできません。

Linux での Composite の実行
インストールされた Softimage から Composite を実行するためには、Softimage をソースとするシェルを使用して適切にアプリケーションのライセンスを取得し、アプリケーションを起動する必要があります。

Fedora 14 ユーザに対する注意:
Softimage は、今回の配布で MainWin との互換性のために修正された x11 パッチを使用しています。これにより、配布や構成によっては Composite を起動しようとしたときに問題が発生する可能性があります。

error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

ファイル "/usr/autodesk/Composite_2014/bin/composite" に以下のコマンドを追加します。

'setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH /usr/lib64'

追加する場所は、ファイル内の $envScript をソースに設定する直前です(31 行目)。

これにより、Softimage からの変更が元に戻り、LD_LIBRAY_PATH が再び /usr/lib64 に設定され、Composite が適切な .so ファイルを見つけることができるようになります。

Camera Sequencer
SOFT-8542 CamSeq: FOV is not plotted correctly when Projection Plane is not enabled
SOFT-8559 CamSeq: Plot All crashes XSI with Animated Material In Scene

SOFT-7107 [Linux] Material is incorrect for CrowdFX


Export Crowd as FBX does not transfer UV's to FBX file

SOFT-8085  W8: Unable to write application > bin > License.env folder via User Tools
SOFT-8524 Softimage License.env may not be recognized correctly in cmd line
SOFT-8620  Suites | SendTo | Softimage unable to launch, it does not set the license properly when receiving files from other DCC (Standalone License)

Workaround for SOFT-8620:
Edit setenv.bat 
from the bin folder in your installation path (for example: C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Softimage 2014\Application\bin)

SOFT-7604 [LINUX]: GridData SDK C++ example hangs XSI when siColumnFile cells are double-clicked on
SOFT-8167 CamSeq | SDK: PlotSequencerCamera Redo Results in Missing Animation



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