Startup Error Hotfix

This hotfix repairs a problem that may cause a crash when you launch DWG TrueView™ 2010.

Description of Problem

Certain anti-spyware programs may conflict with DWG TrueView 2010 and cause the application to crash at startup. An unhandled exception error is issued prior to the crash.

Affected Product

NOTE: This hotfix does not apply to AutoCAD® 2010 and AutoCAD-based products, AutoCAD LT® 2010, and Autodesk® Design Review.

Installation Instructions

To install Startup Error Hotfix

NOTE: You must have administrative privileges on your Microsoft Windows operating system to complete the installation process.

  1. Close all software applications.
  2. Find the product installation folder; for example, C:\Program Files\DWG TrueView 2010
  3. In this folder, right-click the AdWindows.dll file and select Properties.
  4. Click the Version tab and confirm the file version. If the file version is less than, then proceed with this installation.
  5. In the product installation folder, rename the affected files as follows:
  6. Based on the version of your product, double-click or and extract the AcWindows.dll, AdApplicationFrame.dll, AdWindows.dll, and AdWindowsInterop.dll files to the product installation folder.
  7. Right-click the new AdWindows.dll file and select Properties. Click the Version tab and confirm that this file is version