TS1107987 - 2010 Vault Manufacturing Hotfix

In a continuing effort to provide high quality products, Autodesk has released this hotfix which which provides the following updates;

  • Item state change update
  • Updating items with released secondary children
  • Lost detail ID upon item update
  • Item import changes decimal value
  • This README file highlights how to install this hotfix and other important information regarding this update.


    Description of the Issues
    System Requirements
    Related Hotfixes
    Known Issues
    Files Affected
    Update Verification
    Installation Instructions

    Description of the Issues

  • When attempting to change the state of an item from released to WIP, an error is thrown stating that 'the operation cannot
    be performed on an older version of a file that is associated with the item'.
  • Performing an update on an item with released, secondary children resuts in a 'Cannot Update Item' error dialog.
  • When performing an item update that involves an child item in a released state, the detail ID may become blank.
  • Importing items may result in unexpected values.
  • System Requirements

  • Autodesk Vault Manufacturing 2010 Server SP0

  • Related Hotfixes

    TS1107987 contains all of the updates included in TS1104312.

    Known Issues


    Files Affected

  • Connectivity.ProductStream.dll

  • Update Verification

    The updated Connectivity.ProductStream.dll file is version

    Installation Instructions

    NOTE: Always ensure that a successful backup has been performed before applying any hotfixes.

    1. Begin with Autodesk Vault Manufacturing 2010 Server SP0 installed.
    2. Open Autodesk Vault Manufacturing Server Console and make sure all databases are fully migrated to the latest version.
      Migrate all unmigrated databases and libraries before proceeding.
    3. Close the Autodesk Vault Manufacturing Server Console application.
    4. Run TS1107987.msp on the server to install the hotfix.
    5. Open a command prompt and navigate to the installed location of Connectivity.ADMSConsole.exe
    6. Run ADMS Console b2bmigrate operation in command line mode:

    7. A 'migration successful' dialog will display when the b2bmigrate operation has completed.
    8. Reset the web service by typing IISRESET at the command prompt.
    9. Install the hotfix on all Autodesk Data Management servers.

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