TS1110529 - Autodesk Productstream 2009 - Multi Issue Hotfix

In a continuing effort to provide high quality products, Autodesk has released this cumulative hotfix which provides the following updates;

  • Item assign performance enhancement
  • Allows the exclusion of attachments in item export
  • Resolves a lost detail ID upon item update
  • Corrects an item import change in decimal value
  • Resolves a restore problem
  • Improves performance on item assign
  • Improves performance on BOM display
  • Corrects an item state change issue
  • Corrects an item update error 1317
  • Resolves driving a custom item type workflow
  • Resolves an item update issue
  • This README file highlights how to install this hotfix and other important information regarding this update.


    Description of the Issues
    System Requirements
    Related Hotfixes
    Known Issues
    Files Affected
    Update Verification
    Installation Instructions

    Description of the Issues

    The performance of assign item is improved for complex file relationships.

    Exporting an item includes all attachments which can make an exported DWF very large. This update allows the exclusion of attachments from the export.

    When performing an item update that involves an item in a released state, the detail ID may become blank.

    Importing items may result in unexpected values.

  • Example: Mass property value of 100.1 is imported as 100.099998474121
  • A restore problem is resolved where a migration fails with the message "Cannot insert duplicate key in object 'dbo.ItemToComp'".

    Item assign may take some time on DWGs with numerous 2D structures. This hotfix updates circular reference checking to improve
    item assign performance.

    An improvement is included to address a performance issue with displaying BOM.

    On localized builds (non ENU) the checkbox to include children on some change state operations is corrected to be checked and
    dimmed (unselectable).

    Resolves an item update operation 1317 error...

  • on a DWG with a standard component,
  • with PSEQUIVALENCE set,
  • the item number mapped to the component name,
  • and a manually created item is set as a duplicate.

    Resolves a workflow issue using a custom property to drive an item type through the use of property mapping.

    Corrects the item type being reset when performing an item update.

    System Requirements

  • Autodesk Data Management Server 2009 SP0 (Productstream)

  • Related Hotfixes

    TS1086829, TS1089346, TS1101007, TS1104310, TS1108249.

  • TS1110529 contains all of the updates included in TS1086829, TS1089346, TS1101007, TS1104310 and TS1108249.

  • Known Issues


    Files Affected

  • Connectivity.ProductStream.dll

    Update Verification

    Connectivity.ProductStream.dll is updated to version

    Installation Instructions

    NOTE: Always ensure that a successful backup has been performed before applying any hotfixes.

    1. Begin with Autodesk Data Management Server 2009 SP0 installed.
    2. Open Autodesk Data Management Server Console and make sure all databases are fully migrated to the latest version.
      Migrate all unmigrated databases and libraries before proceeding.
    3. Close the Autodesk Data Management Server Console application.
    4. Run TS1110529.msp on the server to install the hotfix.
    5. Open a command prompt and navigate to the installed location of Connectivity.ADMSConsole.exe
    6. Run ADMS Console b2bmigrate operation in command line mode:

      • Example: Connectivity.ADMSConsole.exe -Ob2bmigrate -VUadministrator -VP(adminPassword) -DBUsa -DBPAutodeskVault
      • NOTE: Replace (adminPassword) with the appropriate administrator password for the -VP switch.
        (The last two command line parameters are required only if the 'sa' password is not the default password).
    7. A 'migration successful' dialog will display when the b2bmigrate operation has completed.
    8. Edit the file (installation location)\Autodesk\Data Management Server 2009\Server\Web\Services\Web.config as follows;
      • Locate the section <sectionGroup name="connectivity.productstream.package">
      • Enter a new line in the section containing
        <section name="export" type="Connectivity.Package.Util.PkgDataSystemsConfiguration, Connectivity.ProductStream"/>
      • Locate the section <connectivity.productstream.package>
      • Enter a new line in the section containing <export includeAttachments="true"/>
        Change the value true to false to exclude item export attachments.
    9. Reset the web service by typing 'iisreset' at the command prompt.

    10. Install the hotfix on all Autodesk Data Management servers.

    Copyright © 2010 Autodesk, Inc.