SOFTIMAGE 2014 Readme

Thank you for downloading Autodesk® SOFTIMAGE 2014.

This readme provides the latest information regarding the Softimage installation. It is recommended that you read this entire document before you install Softimage 2014. For reference, you can save this document to your hard drive or print a copy.

Softimage 2014 is a full product installation and can co-exist with an earlier version of Softimage. An earlier version of Softimage is not required to be uninstalled first.


This section provides a list of fixed bugs in Softimage 2014.

Defect ID
SOFT-2430 Animated boolean freezes for a few seconds when scrubbing the timeline.
SOFT-6228 Importing/applying FCurve data to timeline dramatically slower.
SOFT-6472 MatchTransform does not provide accurate result.
SOFT-6705 Crash when moving audio clip between tracks and adjusting the clip properties in the Animation Mixer.
SOFT-6713 Material animation lost when exporting to .xsi 3.6.
SOFT-7140 Undo of apply action on global kinematic params removes also constraint.
SOFT-7690 Relative Cycled Stepped FCurves are not always evaluating properly.
SOFT-7982 QFE: Moving keys using Timeline affects whole F-Curve keys not on frames (Auto Snap to Frames).
SOFT-8110 QFE: FCurve Editor | Pan/Zoom tool sticks with Maya interaction mode

Camera Sequencer
SOFT-7340 Object selection update problem after sequence edit actions
SOFT-7402 CamSeq: "Sequence Next Frame" and "Sequence Prev Frame" are "jumpy"
SOFT-7897 Clip info not showing up Camera Sequencer Layout.

Data management
SOFT-1568 Incorrect handling of long numerical truncation with naming objects.
SOFT-1893 An expression is removed when moving a related custom parameter set.
SOFT-2086 FBX: Similar duplicated image clips in Render Tree.
SOFT-4880 RefModels: IK affected by StoredPosition and StoredFCurve not refreshing on scene reopen.
SOFT-4963 Errors exporting and re-importing a model with lights and ICETrees.
SOFT-5164 FBX: imported bone is corrupted.
SOFT-5448 Undo is wrong when deleting a deactivated op.
SOFT-5681 FBX: from 123D-Catch crashes Softimage.
SOFT-5978 Softimage crashes when "factory.xsiprojects" file and current project are deleted.
SOFT-6247 Crash when importing model into a crowd scene with Arnold add-on.
SOFT-6268 FBX: UV fails to work in FBX.
SOFT-6285 FBX: Texture in cluster look different after import.
SOFT-6453 FBX: Fail to load extremely large data.
SOFT-6561 Camera "projplanewidth" and "projplaneheight" parameters not supported even when supported by FBX SDK.
SOFT-6588 [CER]: Reloading a Saved Scene with An Import Model Failure Crashes Softimage.
SOFT-6602 Crash with topo ICE Compound.
SOFT-6718 Incorrect connection in shared material after import.
SOFT-6740 Shape animation defect when importing to Softimage in FBX format.
SOFT-6747 [CER]: Softimage crashes on execution of command XSI_Import_POScene.
SOFT-6782 [CER]: Softimage Crashes in scnmgr While Resolving Relative Path.
SOFT-6887 Incorrectly created Groups in RefModel.
SOFT-6931 Failed to search and replace in external file manager.
SOFT-7071 [Linux] Refmodel: Expression in refmodel crash in linux under several scenario.
SOFT-7124 [CER]: Softimage crashes on importing FBX file.
SOFT-7333 2GB scene size limit (scn, emdl) in Windows
SOFT-7454 Rename issue for the Delta of nested model ref models.
SOFT-7755 Crash when trying to export a model as a Proxy (Mental Ray assembly).
SOFT-7850 QFE: Crash when importing a model with the Schematic view opened.
SOFT-7907 XSI Crashes Opening PPG of Shader with Expression Pointing to Deleted Camera 
SOFT-7916 XSI Crashes when Importing FBX file from Terragen.
SOFT-7936 Merging of same refmodel scene will rename the model incorrectly.
SOFT-8042 QFE: RefModel's base animation layer not active on specific scenario.
SOFT-8043 QFE: RefModel moved out from Group when merged
SOFT-8044 QFE: RefModel delta doesn't keep changes applied on InstanceGroup
SOFT-8077 QFE: FBX Option - Import nulls as models
SOFT-8107 [CER]: Crash on importing certain OBJ files
SOFT-8166 [CER]: Crash on loading RefModel with modifed camera and lights

SOFT-2878 Linux: CMDREG error during Setup.
SOFT-5527 Residual folders when Softimage is uninstalled from Windows OS.
SOFT-6140 Deviceparser crashes on execute.
SOFT-6188 Usability issues when using multiple instances of Softimage on Linux.
SOFT-6734 Launching Softimage with -uiscript displays "Autodesk Customer Involvement Program" dialog.
SOFT-6884 [CER]: Crash when restoring default preference value
SOFT-7095 Normals are not affected by an envelope deformation on ICE.
SOFT-7298 [CER]: XSI Crash on playing back scenes with missing properties.
SOFT-7276 Installation fails on CentOS
SOFT-7753 Crash when deleting many objects

SOFT-1836 Remove Initial State destroys the Strands.
SOFT-1879 Speed up evaluation after connecting nodes with script.
SOFT-2179 Point Reference Frame ICE attribute "jumps" under rotational deformation.
SOFT-2397 Connection breaks in ICE Tree with Cameras and Memos Cam.
SOFT-2527 Exposed ports re-ordered when using ppg groups.
SOFT-4903 Special characters accepted inside ICEtree, are not compatible in the scene.
SOFT-5048 Rigid Bodies simulation result changes with every playback.
SOFT-5252 Exporting a model with GetData ICE node pointing to Playcontrol.In crashes on new scene with creating primitive.
SOFT-5266 XSI crashes when "Sorting Array with Keys".
SOFT-5545 ICE Trees do not evaluate consistently across contexts such as Fcurves and expressions.
SOFT-5689 ICE Tree: Collapsed compounds uncollapse on load.
SOFT-6006 Crash when all the points in a large pointcloud are selected, followed by adjusting Subdivisions.
SOFT-6032 Crash when pointcloud is renamed or the original geometry where the Cache-On File node is deleted.
SOFT-6115 Linux: Softimage consistently hangs or crashes during playback of a large ICE simulation.
SOFT-6151 Displayport value does not appear when accessing attributes.
SOFT-6604 ICE Topo: Unable to merge hard edges.
SOFT-6679 Particles penetrate into each other in Bullet Rigid Bodies.
SOFT-6681 Instantiated Ref Model with ICE Tree crashes Softimage.
SOFT-6689 Create Copies from Polygon Mesh with Point Cloud does not return correct result.
SOFT-7348 Operators become accessible when the node has a reference of itself
SOFT-7393 Memory error or crash when changing group members used by ICE topology.
SOFT-7559 Deleting port on compound results in crash.
SOFT-7672 Mixer interpolation of ICE caches is broken.
SOFT-7686 Crash when using ICE Modeling with Custom Display Host view opened.
SOFT-7687 Broken conversion from quaternions to Euler rotations in custom ICE nodes.
SOFT-7693 Hard crash using AddICEAttribute on populated ICE tree.
SOFT-7728 Crash with locations.
SOFT-7785 Cache on File ICE node PPG overloaded.
SOFT-7856 QFE: UV Heal issue when having an ICE tree driving the UV.
SOFT-7857 QFE: Updating the name of a referenced object is not updated when using the "Reference to String" node. 
SOFT-8202 Crowd disappearing in Linux
SOFT-8161 ICE Syflex: Group ID not unique on XSI startup

SOFT-5546 Extreme slowdown when adding new actor sources.
SOFT-6626 Overwrite does not work when ICE Op has the same name as the Object.
SOFT-8301 Crowd FX: Emitters need to support direction
SOFT-8408 Crowd FX: Idle actions sliding even though actor velocity = 0 and there is no sliding in the original action
SOFT-8414 Crowd FX: Texture jumbled up on crowd actors

SOFT-1079 UV Unfold won't work on specific mesh - error - Current edge is not on a frontier.
SOFT-2384 Boolean engine error.
SOFT-2415 Object disappears by moving an object past another in the negative x-axis.
SOFT-2714 Enveloping a mesh to bones that were created with Draw Bone produce unexpected results.
SOFT-6026 [CER]: Performing Boolean Op on a high density polyMesh crashes Softimage.
SOFT-6143 Sliders with a range lack precision (split edge op).
SOFT-6645 Applying polygon reduction crashes Softimage.
SOFT-7752 Points added in a Custom Topology Operator are not selectable.
SOFT-7912 [CER]: Crash when scrubbing a scene with animated boolean
SOFT-8091 QFE: Symmetry option is deactivated if your object has a transform property

SOFT-1036 OGL HQV Environments: Environment ball wireframe showing with 'wireframe on shaded' viewport mode.
SOFT-1094 OGL HQV Shadows: Pointlight shadows incorrectly displayed.
SOFT-1261 Viewport Freezes with ICE UVs.
SOFT-1383 OGL HQV Textures: Spatial support for Image Textures differs from render.
SOFT-1394 Missing Render Tree connections after loading Shader Presets.
SOFT-1892 GenMatColor Map display is all black.
SOFT-1970 CopyPaste Partition to different pass doesn't retain Partition Name.
SOFT-2261 Specific HLSL shader not loaded into scene properly.
SOFT-2559 Crash when exceeding maximum sample value of 8 for Depth of field.
SOFT-2587 Z up and X up are swapped in Incident shader.
SOFT-4545 HQV Shadow Map does not work correctly with transparent material.
SOFT-4772 HQV: Mirror Ball (mip) Environment shader preview support.
SOFT-5478 Long refresh of viewports upon framing all.
SOFT-5490 HQV/RTS: .scr file texture load method is not working with RTS and HQV views.
SOFT-5510 Errors are logged for shaders unsupported by HQV.
SOFT-5531 HQV Warning when switching from Wireframe on Shaded in Textured to High Quality.
SOFT-5602 Soft Shadows are too bright when backface culling is enabled.
SOFT-5648 HQV: Fast Manipulation mode is not fast.
SOFT-5668 HQV: Enabling area light for spotlights affect shadows even though its not supported.
SOFT-5769 OGL HQV: Ambient option for lights not working properly.
SOFT-5940 Support Cg shader blending, culling, alpha and texture wrapping parameters.
SOFT-5942 Broken Shader PPG Logic.
SOFT-5944 Crash when inspecting shaders.
SOFT-6029 Long material name not kept after export.
SOFT-6033 Rendering *.st file output with field rendering causes XSI 2013 to crash.
SOFT-6132 Unhiding hidden polygons yield incorrect render results.
SOFT-6149 Shaders Backcomp: Scenes with old FX Shaders do not show up in DX9 Viewport.
SOFT-6163 Crash at exiting when Render preview window is not active.
SOFT-6314 Texture Editor Preferences: Set default value for snapping to off.
SOFT-6417 Inconsistent results when rendering Pass with ICE attributes.
SOFT-6431 Black viewport for first frame when loading the HQV Garage Scene.
SOFT-6442 Crash with Render Pass without MAIN channel.
SOFT-6527 OpenGL shaders not displayed properly with mixed view mode activated.
SOFT-6613 [CER]: Crash when a group is set as an Area Light source.
SOFT-6741 XSI Crashes When Playing With The Refresh And Lock Button in Render Preview.
SOFT-6878 Save As scene breaks shader animation clip evaluation.
SOFT-6879 Softimage takes very long time loading a sample scene with CgFX shader.
SOFT-6890 Crash with misss_physical shader and Irradiance Particles Enabled.
SOFT-7128 DeleteUnusedImageSources command deletes a used image.
SOFT-7290 XSI crashes within simple interaction on disc primitive.
SOFT-7476 Mental Ray sky Gamma issue.
SOFT-7655 Please support more .dds file format compression types.
SOFT-7723 Resizing a render region while render fragments are being processed causes Softimage to crash.
SOFT-7778 Render region updates in some scenarios even if it is set in manual refresh mode.

SOFT-1454 Disable keyable divot for texture type parameters.
SOFT-2104 Unfold Encountered an Error, quits/dumps out of Softimage.
SOFT-6314 Texture Editor Preferences: Set default value for snapping to off
SOFT-6494 [CER]: Unfold Crash when enabling texture display on viewport.
SOFT-6691 Crash when texture editor opens an EmptyPolygonMesh with a Texture Projection.
SOFT-6791 Topo Operator not applied on cluster property when affected by an ICE Tree.
SOFT-7365 Softimage cannot display TIFF with multiple alpha.
SOFT-8126 [CER]: Crash on texture stamping

SOFT-1273 Workgroup: ProjectSelector Example is Broken.
SOFT-1601 Linux: Cannot load "sqlite3" Python module.
SOFT-1658 NurbsCurve.GetUFromNormalizedU is not returning the correct value.
SOFT-1789 Calling "DisableFaceRobot" in a startup event destabilizes Softimage.
SOFT-1932 Linux: missing and modules in Python.
SOFT-2200 Crash when calling Geometry.Triangles.
SOFT-2321 C++ PPGItem siControlListBox unable to remove last entry to show an empty list box.
SOFT-4656 CPP HW Shader Plugins can't use a different DLL for implementation.
SOFT-5216 Linux: Error Message when opening Softimage command prompt.
SOFT-5717 Environment.GetPatriarchRigidBodyObjects() and GetPatriarchRigidBodyObjectsCount() crashes Softimage.
SOFT-5774 siControlListBox selection status not cleared when parameter value is out of range or undefined.
SOFT-5858 [CER]: Random crash when opening ICETree or RenderTree on certain scenes.
SOFT-5968 PPGLayout.SetViewPosition on Dual Monitor setup doesn't work.
SOFT-5993 Crash when executing Primitive.GetGeometry3() with no argument.
SOFT-6161 Using an Out-Of-Bond value for Layout.SetViewPosition freezes Softimage.
SOFT-6178 Generated vs2010 .vcxproj contains unwanted characters.
SOFT-6232 ICEAttribute.GetDataArrayChunk offset does not work with user defined ICEAttributes.
SOFT-6249 Crash on closing PPG dialog with GridWidget.
SOFT-6286 SDK: Layer.Parent returns "Softimage" instead of layer's parent (or parent layer).
SOFT-6356 shipped in bin directory is broken.
SOFT-6359 PassContainer.Passes returns properties but not the passes.
SOFT-6478 [CER]: When you drag-and-drop an emdl file, Softimage crashes if you abort an OnBeginFileImport event.
SOFT-6704 [CER]: XSI Crashes When Unloading A Workgroup With A Custom Renderer & RTCompound With RenderTree Open.
SOFT-6709 Tkinter not working on Softimage 64bit because it is a 32bit dll.
SOFT-6737 The Parent parameter of the CreateGroup command is broken.
SOFT-6951 Groups were incorrectly created under the same model of the selected objects.
SOFT-7123 [CER]: Crash when invoking the Group.Envelopes if the group is nested under other group.
SOFT-7496 Grid Data SDK update affects BeginEdit.EndEdit.
SOFT-7499 Crash when calling GridData.RowCount property.
SOFT-7512 NurbsCurveList.Get2() returns wrong point coords when weights are other than 1.0.
SOFT-7637 Shader not accessible from the material library if its name is the same as its material name.
SOFT-7653 SDK C++: Renderer.LockSceneData method sometimes returns a CStatus value of -1631059961.
SOFT-7748 Boolean parameter default value setting has no effect in SDK Wizard.
SOFT-7987 QFE: ProjectItem.RemoveICEAttribute doesn't work as expected
SOFT-8036 QFE: Please add view attributes support for the Fx Tree.
SOFT-8037 QFE: Getting Camera.FOV parameter value at specific frame returns wrong value when Focal Length parameter is animated
SOFT-8076 QFE: InspectObj SDK command doesn't recycle the PPG when called in a for-loop statement
SOFT-8115 Softimage logs excessive INFO messages about "data not set" on ICEAttributes

SOFT-5699 The child objects in a Compound Rigid Bodies do not collide with other objects in the simulation.

SOFT-2591 Jaw sliding and eye tracking deformation results are not symmetrical.
SOFT-7180 XSI Crashes when exporting mdds while the files are in repository (Read only).

SOFT-896 Width/Height fields are disabled when customizing a toolbar button.
SOFT-4914 ICE Tree UI grid snapping issue
SOFT-5325 Selection cursor not showing pick session mode in the schematic view.
SOFT-5810 Selected Object is not displayed correctly under the correct Pass in the Explorer.
SOFT-6429 Custom layout with more than 2 Tray switchers crash.
SOFT-6842 Rotation tool popping around screen space when polygons are multi-selected for rotate.
SOFT-6854 Set Parameter Color Dialog is Sent To Back After Clicking on Help Button.
SOFT-6950 Help button for User Tools menu should be removed as there is no actual help provided.
SOFT-7145 Ungroup won't work unless users know whether objects have been branched added.
SOFT-7611 StaticKineState properties not visible when Parameter Sort is set to Layout.
SOFT-7662 Plugin Manager: Custom folders containing plug-ins nested under children directories are not populating the UI properly.
SOFT-7670 FCurve display in ICE Compound PPG has overcomplicated interface
SOFT-7852 Display glitch for Animation Editor File > Save(.fraw2) dialog
SOFT-7858 LightProfileWidget is visible on inactive tab.
SOFT-7958 FCurve Parameter on CustomProperty not drawing initial view properly
SOFT-7993 QFE: Parameter divot still animated after deleting animation clips.
SOFT-8038 QFE: Schematic View: Rearrange All affects node positions randomly when you have many views

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Installing on Windows
1. Matchmover 2014 is unable to start with the MSSA Network deployment installations.

For W7 x64 - Change the MSSA licensing options in the License.env to "Standalone"
For W8 x64 - Change the MSSA licensing options in the License.env to "Standalone". In addition, it requires the following Windows environment variable to be added to the local user account or machine.
"adsk_matchmover_license" = Softimage

2. Modifying the License.env File Using Windows Command Prompt

The License.env file is available in the C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Softimage 2014\Application\bin folder.
Modifying the values in this file using the Windows command prompt is not supported, since the changes will not be registered. For example, switching from Standalone to Network license and vice-versa.
If you want to modify, then provide edit permissions to the License.env file.

Note: Use the Autodesk Softimage User Tools or the Notepad application to modify the License.env file values.

Installing on Linux
Executing the Softimage 2014 Linux installer will install Softimage and other components such as ADLM, Composite, and Matchmover.
Folder locations
* ADLM – /opt
* Composite and Matchmover – /usr/autodesk
Note: You cannot deselect the Composite and Matchmover components from the installer UI.

Camera Sequencer
SOFT-8542 CamSeq: FOV is not plotted correctly when Projection Plane is not enabled
SOFT-8559 CamSeq: Plot All crashes XSI with Animated Material In Scene

SOFT-7107 [Linux] Material is incorrect for CrowdFX


Export Crowd as FBX does not transfer UV's to FBX file

SOFT-8085  W8: Unable to write application > bin > License.env folder via User Tools
SOFT-8524 Softimage License.env may not be recognized correctly in cmd line
SOFT-8620  Suites | SendTo | Softimage unable to launch, it does not set the license properly when receiving files from other DCC (Standalone License)

Workaround for SOFT-8620:
Edit setenv.bat 
from the bin folder in your installation path (for example: C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Softimage 2014\Application\bin)

SOFT-7604 [LINUX]: GridData SDK C++ example hangs XSI when siColumnFile cells are double-clicked on
SOFT-8167 CamSeq | SDK: PlotSequencerCamera Redo Results in Missing Animation


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