ts17091635 - Vault 2011 - Multi Issue Server Hotfix

In a continuing effort to provide high quality products, Autodesk has released this hotfix which provides the following updates;

  • Category creation resulted in Error 3507.
  • Error 227 when performing a search.
  • Index block attributes update.
  • Inclusion of DWF files in when performing a Pack and Go.
  • Item import/export error when selecting custom categories.
  • New item creation on item update.
  • Cumulative Updates.
  • This README file highlights how to install this hotfix and other important information regarding this update.


    Description of the Issues
    System Requirements
    Related Hotfixes and Utilities
    Known Issues
    Files Affected
    Update Verification
    Installation Instructions
    Legal Notice

    Description of the Issues

    New Updates

    1. When selection a custom Category an error 3507 would occur with the message 'Invalid Behavior 'Flexible Release Process'.
    2. Performing a search would sometimes result in an error 227.
    3. When performing an index block attribute, properties were not being extracted correctly.
    4. When performing a Vault Explorer Pack and Go using the related documents option, some DWF attachments for the related documents are not included.
    5. Importing items using import wizard would fail when changing a category to a custom category.
    6. Performing an Item Update incorrectly creates a new item.

    Cumulative Updates

    1. When multiple security settings are enabled on a folder, the settings would incorrectly prevent a user from performing a state change on a file.
    2. A property mapping performance enhancement prevents an error 109 from occurring when editing existing User Defined Properties.
    3. After installing update TS15770173_Server, an item state change was denied or resulted in an error 303.
    4. New migration issues have been resolved for error messages containing the following;
      1. Cannot insert duplicate key in object 'dbo.ContentSourcePropertyDef'
      2. Error converting data type nvarchar to float.
    5. When performing a search on entities that contain Greek characters, the characters were acting like wild card characters.
    6. Property fields containing certain characters would cause the More button to become unresponsive on file, item or search grids.
    7. For folders and files with security restrictions, it was possible to perform some operations (ex. state change).
    8. Some Vault configurations would result in an error when attempting to export the configuration.
    9. Title blocks containing a comma character in the attribute would result in an error when trying to map the property.
    10. Attempting to import large revision schemes would time out before the operation could be completed.
    11. Improvement for large BOM item export to DWF.
    12. Multiple item update operations were resulting in improper updates to items.
    13. When assigning items for DWGs containing blocks and part references, file property mapping would not map properly to item numbers.
    14. During assign item the detail ID could become lost for BOM entities.
    15. When performing a quantity override on a decimal value in an Inventor BOM, the value entered resulted in a multiplication of the quantity.
    16. Incorrect BOM quantity when the QTY is set to Static with units in Inventor.
    17. For some deployments, deleting a DWF file may be slow. This update provides a performance enhancement for DWF file delete operations.

    System Requirements

    Vault Server

  • Autodesk Data Management Server 2011 Update 2
  • Autodesk Data Management Server 2011 Update 2 (Workgroup)
  • Autodesk Data Management Server 2011 Update 2 (Collaboration)
  • Autodesk Data Management Server 2011 Update 2 (Professional)

  • Vault Client

  • Autodesk Vault Workgroup 2011 Update 2
  • Autodesk Vault Collaboration 2011 Update 2
  • Autodesk Vault Professional 2011 Update 2

  • Related Hotfixes and Utilities

    This cumulative update contains all of the updates from the following hotfixes (see Cumulative Updates);

  • ts16973407
  • ts16930267
  • ts16521805
  • ts16102141
  • ts16092983
  • ts16010228
  • ts15770173
  • This update should be used in conjunction with ts15770173_Client (included).

    Autodesk Inventor 2011 SP1 DL16094377 is required to resolve all issues.

    This update should be used in conjunction with ts17520377 to solve all item import/export issues.

    Known Issues


    It is strongly recommended to perform a back up prior to the application of this update.

    This hotfix cannot be uninstalled. To revert to a pre hotfix state, the application must be reinstalled and a pre hotfix back up must be restored.

    Files Affected


  • Connectivity.Platform.dll
  • Connectivity.ProductStream.dll
  • Connectivity.Vault.dll

  • ts15770173_client

  • Connectivity.Explorer.DocumentPS.dll

  • Update Verification

  • The updated Connectivity.Platform.dll file is version
  • The updated Connectivity.ProductStream.dll and Connectivity.Vault.dll files are version
  • The updated Connectivity.Explorer.DocumentPS.dll file is version
  • Installation Instructions

    Vault Server

    WARNING: Failure to follow these instructions properly may result in unusable sites. This procedure applies to
    Single Site, Multi Site and Connected Workgroup deployments.

    NOTE: Always ensure that a successful backup has been performed before applying any hotfixes.

    Hotfix Installation – applied to every Autodesk Data Management Server (ADMS).

    1. Reset the web service by typing 'iisreset' at the command prompt.
    2. Run ts17091635.msp on the ADMS server to install the hotfix.
    3. Repeat the preceding steps for every ADMS server.
    4. Open ADMS Console and migrate all unmigrated databases and libraries before proceeding.
      1. NOTE: It is sufficient to utilize a single ADMS Console on;
        1. Multi Site (file replication)
        2. Connected Workgroup (file and SQL replication) on a Publisher Workgroup ONLY
    5. Close the ADMS Console application.

    Database Update – applied ONCE from one Autodesk Data Management Server (ADMS) as specified.

    1. WARNING: DO NOT PROCEED until the hotfix has been successfully applied on ALL ADMS servers.
    2. It is sufficient to utilize a single ADMS server on;
      1. Multi Site (file replication)
      2. Connected Workgroup (file and SQL replication) on a Publisher Workgroup ONLY
    3. Open a command prompt and navigate to the installed location of Connectivity.ADMSConsole.exe.
    4. Run ADMS b2bmigrate operation in command line mode:
      1. Example: Connectivity.ADMSConsole.Exe -Ob2bmigrate -VUadministrator -VPadmin_password -DBUsql_user -DBPsql_password
      2. NOTE: Replace 'admin_password' with the appropriate administrator password for the -VP switch.
      3. The last two command line parameters are required only if the 'sa' password is not the default password.
    5. A 'migration successful' dialog will display when the b2bmigrate operation has completed.
    6. Open the Autodesk Data Management Server console and begin a Rebuild Search Indexes.

    Vault Client

    1. NOTE: The client hotfix only applies to Autodesk Vault Workgroup, Collaboration and Professional. (See the system requirements section.)
    2. Extract the ts15770173_client.msp file to a temporary directory on the workstation.
    3. Double-click on ts15770173_client.msp to install the hotfix.
    4. Install the hotfix on all Autodesk Vault workstations.

    Legal Notice

    Autodesk does not guarantee that you will be able to successfully download or implement any hotfix, utility, service pack or
    workaround, or any of the tips, tricks, examples or suggestions outlined in any Autodesk product support technical documents.
    Technical documents, hotfixes, utilities, service packs and workarounds are subject to change without notice to you. Autodesk
    provides technical documents, hotfixes, utilities, service packs and workarounds "as is" without warranty of any kind, whether
    express or implied, including warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. In no event shall Autodesk or
    its suppliers be liable for any damages whatsoever including direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, loss of data, or loss
    of business profits or special damages, that may occur as a result of implementing any hotfix, utility, service pack or workaround,
    or any suggestion outlined in any Autodesk product support technical document, even if Autodesk or its suppliers have been advised
    of the possibility of such damages.

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